7 Figure Clubs The 7-Figure Club is divided into a series of "intensives" called SPRINTS. These 4-6 week tele-conference sessions teach the pillars of building a 7-Figure business (see below). 

You will learn how to make your business rock into the 7-Figure stratosphere with the support of our "Masters-in-Residence" who have done it and from your colleagues who are doing it. 

Think of it like a creative and fluid way of getting an MBA - only this is experiential, real-life learning that goes beyond what any business school can teach you. 

All participants will have access to ongoing support via our Cafes and Live Chat Rooms.  

Savor the Success Premium Members who have a track record of success are welcome to apply; applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. 

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5 weeks, $325

Angela Jia Kim, Mike Michalowicz, Janice Hoffmann

Where is that business plan that you created when you first launched your venture?  Probably in the corner collecting dust!  Out with the business plans, in with Prosperity Plans!  This is your 3-D business plan that encompasses the whole picture with concrete steps to achieving the goals.  We'll be creating your 10-year "painted picture", your area of innovation, your rules, and your community. 

Session 1: Milestone Mapping (Angela Jia Kim)
We are going to blast off by getting to know your 7-Figure Club colleagues and sharing our big dreams by doing Milestone Mapping.

Session 2: Prosperity Plan (Mike Michalowicz)
Your 3-D business plan to laying out your 10-year vision.

Session 3: Staying On Track (Mike Michalowicz)
As Mike calls it, it's like riding a sailboat.  You know where you are going, but you have to gauge in small increments how you are doing in order to stay on track. 

Session 4: Action (Mike Michalowicz)
Are your and your employees' daily actions getting you to where you resolve to be in ten years?  Our small actions contribute to the big massive action. 

Session 5: Creating Your Wow Project (Janice Hoffmann)
We will be building a project around WOW.  This is an intense campaign designed to change, challenge and produce results quickly through continuous action. This will propel you into Sprint B.  



4 weeks, $299
Libby GillMargaret Prusan

Learn from Libby Gill, the branding brains behind the launch of the Dr. Phill Show!  The bottom line is that your brand must cut through the clutter and capture the mindshare of your customers and clients.  Once you've got their trust and loyalty, the market share will follow. In Sprint B, we get connected to your brand message, simplify the marketing message and create an execution plan. 

Session 1: Find Your One Word (Margaret Prusan)
The groundwork to any branding message is to get an inner connection first and define the one word that will be communicated. We will discover what your one word is through a powerful exercise.

Session 2: Create Your 1-Year Brand Vision (Libby Gill)
We will define and articulate your customer value and your brand promise by clarifying your business differentiator and refining your language. 

Session 3: Get Branding to Sell for You (Libby Gill)
Learn important keys to a website that really works for you and create a focused Call-to-Action that motivates your buyers.

Session 4: Leveraging Your Branding for the Media (Libby Gill)
Discover how you can use the media without the media using you in order to get your branding message across to your customers or clients.


4 weeks, $299
Julie Steelman

How do you get your business to be profitable and step up to a bigger game?

This sprint will teach you how to shift out of 1st gear and catapult your business into profitability. We will balance your inner conversation with the outer reality of business in a way that has you fall in LOVE with this aspect of your business. 

Together, we will create a step-by-step 5-year profit plan and a dream accountability strategy that fits your style. Upon completion of this sprint, you will know how to activate your self-sourced empowerment and move past the fear of rejection, learn how to stop selling and start inspiring, complete a 5-year profit plan, and design a rock-solid dream accountability strategy.

Each class will be a 60 minute open discussion with a 15 minute chat-room follow-up.

Session 1: Clear Your Path to Profitability

We will construct the beginnings of your 5-year vision, incorporate valuable financial terms, and clarify your profit goals.  At the same time, you will learn how to stop selling and start inspiring and how to self-source your unique power to support your sustainability.

Session 2: Nurturing the Nucleus

In this session, you will learn to assess your sales strategy, creative ways to enhance it, and how to measure its effectiveness.  We continue to build out the 5-year plan by looking at your business sales/revenue quarterly. You will also discover the powerful secret of fabulously successful entrepreneurs: creating and executing next vital action step plans based on empowered decision-making. 

Session 3: Build Your Profit Pillars

As we move into week 3, we build out the 5-year profit plan further by adding in a monthly view of your sales.  You will devise action steps necessary to achieve your goals. You will learn how to narrow your actions/focus and clarify your unique pillars of profit that will sustain and grow your business. We will discuss how these 4 pillars relate to your radically successful business and start to construct your dream accountability worksheet.

Session 4: The Mindset of a Profit Prophet

We will complete the 5-year profit plan by adding a daily sales view to your worksheet.  It is an important time to truly learn how to assess the practical side of the business and maintain an empowering, uplifting attitude.  In addition, you will learn the art of course correcting and what your sales numbers mean in relationship to profitability.  You will learn how to distinguish between the 3 dimensions of your business and master the art of working them all well. This leads to the completion of the dream accountability worksheet leaving you with a road-map for success. 


3 weeks, $265
Scott Bradley

Session 1: How to Blog + Create Your Social Media Platform Strategy

-2 Ways you can create your blog in less than 5 Minutes
-The key elements that must be in your blog and why
-How to create your content strategy for your blog and how it plays into your entire social media strategy
-How to figure out the optimum amount of posts to your blog per week
-4 ways to effectively engage with your blog readers 
-How your blog plays into your entire marketing funnel for your business
-5 ways to easily drive traffic to your blog posts
-How to create your social media strategy and the importance of building your tribe

Session 2: How to Effectively Use Facebook To Achieve Actionable and Quantifiable Results

-How to set up your facebook profile, page and group effectively
-How to make powerful connections that lead to phone conversations and business
-How to effectively find and engage with your desired audience on facebook
-A step-by-step strategy to creating an effective group that listens to you
-The focused applications you should download and leverage
-How to achieve results with facebook without wasting a ton of time
-The facebook ad platform...how to use and how to approach it
-The mindset you must adopt when using facebook for it to be the most effective for your business
-How your facebook strategy plays into your marketing funnel for your business

Session 3: How to use Twitter and Social Bookmarking Sites For Creating Traffic, Engagement and Business

-Twitter basics (how to use it + set it up)
-How to effectively to find people in your niche and reach out to them using twitter
-The mindset about using twitter that you must adopt
-Cool Twitter tools to help manage your profiles easier
-How to effectively feed twitter into your facebook
-Why you must build your "secret twitter network"+ why it's so powerful
-Discover what social bookmarking sites are and why they are so powerful
-Learn the difference between the major social bookmarking sites and how you can position yourself effectively in them
-What you can you expect from social bookmarking sites from a traffic and engagement perspective
-How to tie all of your social media activities together to create synergy in your business and with your customers











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