What is Savor the Success?

Savor the Success is the premium business network for women entrepreneurs. Members get PR opportunities, connect through our community, and increase business via networking. 

How do you help with PR?

We offer PR tools for Premium Members such as: 

  • PR Opps (media looking for YOU)
  • Media Lists (contact editors in your field)
  • Gift Lists (holiday gift editors)
  • PR Academy (how to do PR from A to Z)

How do you get connected?

Savor the Success is a cutting-edge social media website that allows you to connect with women internationally in an efficient and easy way.   

  • Savor’s Virtual Cafes are a hub of activity and conversations where you can learn from other women entrepreneurs and experts. 

  • Expert Cafes are a place for you to get FREE advice from our resident lawyer, social media expert, PR expert, Branding expert, etc.  Think “Dear Abby” with a twist!

How do you get business?

The buzz about Savor is that you really do get business from the network! Most people make up their membership investment within 3 months, and some have even made six figures in one year from word-of-mouth!  We have a unique method of networking that we share with you when you become a Premium Member called "Give, Give, Get".

You can also attend our monthly in-person events in NYC or locally if there is a Savor chapter near you. We videotape all of our NYC events so you can attend virtually as well! If you are interested in starting a Savor group in your community, apply to become a Savor Mastermind Leader!Ring Fidget Spinner,metal edc hand spinners

Six Degrees of Separation: Our popular Six Degrees of Separation events are fun, fresh, and focused events designed for the busy entrepreneur who doesn't have time to waste.  Learn from a panel of experts and then connect through our Mastermind break-out groups where you get 7-8 minutes of the group "think-tanking" on YOUR behalf. 

PR Academy: Ladies, get in line, stand up straight... we are whipping your PR Campaigns into shape!  This series of PR sessions will teach you how to tell your story to the press, how to pitch to the press, what to do with your media list, and how to leverage the media exposure. 

Savor Mastermind Groups: Think learning teams, think tank, focus groups… and think food!  These intimate groups meet in your community once a month to do three things:  

  1. Learn from the NYC panel of experts (via recorded session).
  2. Mastermind with other women.  You each get time for everyone to brainstorm and help you with your projects and goals.  It will help you to design a plan of action, get contacts and support, and hold you accountable for your goals!
  3. Eat and Savor!  Each group either does a potluck dinner or brings in a food component whether it’s snacks, desserts, or lunch.

Don't have a Savor Mastermind Group in your area? Apply to start one here!

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