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    5 Steps to Manifesting in Your Business

    June 20, 2013

    This past Monday we launched the Manifest Method School with the most amazing students you can imagine. I've been SO impressed by their dedication, inspiration and readiness to dig deep into their wildest dreams and manifest lives and businesses to savor. (Seriously, ladies: you are doing an amazing job!) 

    I want to share with you the 5 basic steps that we'll be reviewing in the course to help you manifest a business that works for YOU. These steps come from The Manifest Method, and can really quickly create a tangible, visible path to success in your life and your biz. 

    1. Savor: Re-connect to what's really motivating to you. Why are you working so hard, anyway? 
    2. Dream: Create your 5-Year Vision Plan in a vision book of sorts.
    3. Plan: With a few key tools in place (like your lightning rods!) you can craft an executable and exciting roadmap to reach your biggest goals. 
    4. Do: Make it work! Use the Daily Action Planner and Weekly Pilot Plan to keep yourself moving forward on the path you designed. 
    5. Track: Hold yourself accountable and stay focused + motivated with a "thermometer page".

    Why are these 5 elements so important for manifesting what you want in your life and your business? Check out this sneak video clip below to find out how these 5 keys can create bigger, badder successes:

    The 5 core steps in the Manifest Method have allowed me to create anything I've wanted for my life, from the country home of my dreams to three mission-driven businesses. 

    They are really a result of my experience as both a concert pianist and entrepreneur, which I share in  "The Madness Behind the Method" below. Hint: I've been working on The Manifest Method since I was 3. ;)

    It's never too late to start manifesting the life of your dreams, Savories. If you want to dive in to these 5 key steps in a community of amazing women, just e-mail us to enroll!

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