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New York, NY

    60 Second Tip: Don't distract your customer from buying!

    April 12, 2012

    Loose transcription: A 60-second tip from Angela Jia Kim of Savor the Success, the Premium Business Network for Women Business Owners!

    Make sure that there are no distractions for your potential buyer. Angela shares a story from Om Aroma, her boutique spa in the West Village of New York City. When Angela announced that she decided to remove the beautiful plush couch from the store to make room for retail shelving, her employees hoped she would reconsider because the couch is so inviting and comfortable. She heard from an employee that when two friends had come in, while one was getting a facial, the other ended up taking an hour nap on the comfy couch. Angela knew that some customers would end up sitting and relaxing, instead of shopping and buying. It is important to make sure it is very clear what you are selling, and to create a very clear yellow brick road for your customer to click and buy.

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    Angela Jia Kim is a woman entrepreneur advocate, organic lifestyle guru, doting mom, New York City (not house)wife, and author-in-the-making.

    She uses her organic skincare business, Om Aroma, to empower and inspire other business owners by openly sharing mistakes (the kind most sweep under the rug) and lessons learned (the kind most keep as secrets to get ahead).

    She believes that building business is directly tied to self growth, that it takes a village to raise a business, and that your business is meant to serve the life you want to live. 

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