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    7 ways to increase your visibility!

    March 23, 2012

    I have received a lot of emails over the years asking, "How can I increase my visibility?" Sometimes you feel like you have such an amazing product or service but no one is listening... or buying. Have you ever experienced that? 

    I decided to go to one of my trusted colleagues, Melissa Cassera of Cassera Communications, to ask her for some ways to deal with the "invisible business syndrome". 

    You are the best-kept secret in your industry and - gosh, darn it - why do all of your competitors get to hog the spotlight?

    I've got a great cure for you in the form of 7 quick tips to score a healthy dose of visibility for your business.

    1. Guest Blog

    Pitch content ideas to blogs that accept guest posts that are popular with your target market. Make sure to include a little promotional line along with a link back to your website at the end of the blog post.

    Extra hint: After you contact the target blog, check to see if they have a blogroll or a list of suggested blogs that they recommend. This could give you an additional 5-10 blogs to contact that are popular with your target market.

    2. Join LinkedIn Groups

    LinkedIn may have lesser fame than other social networks but it's a great way to connect and engage with potential customers, especially if you're in the B2B arena. Look for groups that are comprised of your target market (not groups that are comprised of peers). Post helpful content and ideas and engage in conversations.

    3. Update your Online Profiles

    There isn't enough time in the day to engage in every online network. However, you should make it a habit once per quarter to log in and update each profile with your current information, offerings, etc. You never know where a customer, prospective partner, or media outlet will find you. Extra hint: don't forget to fill out your Savor the Success profile in full because of the SEO hits the site gets!

    4. Actively Pitch the Media

    Some media coverage will come organically to your business. But being the savvy entrepreneur you are, I imagine you don't like to ‘sit around and wait.' Make sure to check your Savor PR Leads daily and use your Savor media lists (or become a premium member so you can get access to these amazing items). You can also use as well as make a list of "most wanted" media placements and focus on developing concise and compelling story ideas to pitch.

    5. Get Crafty with Media Research

    Find business owners that reach your ideal customer (these don't have to be competitors, just people that reach the same target market). Look for their press page and see where have they been featured in the media. This will help chop down your time searching for these opportunities and will provide plenty of pre-qualified media leads for you to contact on your own.

    6. Work your Contacts

    Want a connection to an editor at your favorite magazine? Email your colleagues, post in the Savor VIP Premium Member café, or post on your Facebook page exactly what you're looking for and see what pops up. You may be surprised at how well-connected your connections are!

    7. Share Juicy Content

    Think of your business as a magazine and create an editorial calendar for your content. Then deliver it in a blog format, video, special report - whatever method resonates most with your target market.


    Melissa Cassera is a PR Expert that helps turn business owners into business celebrities. You can download her free ebook "How to Pitch the Media Like a Pro" by clicking here:

    Melissa will be hosting a Roundtable Discussion about PR at Women Entrepreneurs Rock the World on April 24-25. You can sign up for her discussion at registration time on April 24.

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