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    Are you your own worst enemy? (Don't worry... there's a solution :)

    June 27, 2013

    I've noticed one thing that can hold us all back: we start spinning and making the same mistakes over and over again in different forms and variations. We create patterns and stories about ourselves that we think are true. And what's most scary is that, trapped inside in your own head, it's hard to even see that you're spinning.  

    You likely have had numerous experiences in your life like this. If you truly listen to these experiences, they are trying to wake you up. They are trying to show you where you are holding yourself back. Without listening to these experiences, it's like you are stuck inside of a glass box. 

    Honestly, that's really what holds you back. 

    Here's the thing: there is a way out. And it starts by asking questions. 

    Do you have someone in your life that calls you out on your B.S. lovingly, gently, and with good intention? Is there someone you trust who tells you when they see you are hitting up against a wall over and over again? 

    And are you doing this for others you care for? 

    When we really care for another person, this kind of perspective is one of the best gifts we can give. These conversations are what I call "Ceiling Busters" because it allows you to get one step closer to your great potential. 

    Here's your homework assignment: 

    1. Call up to to 3 people you trust have the best intentions in mind for you. They don't have to be your very best friends, but people that you think might know what's holding you back. 

    2. Ask them if they see something that may be blocking you. Tell them about this assignment and that you would like to know what they see may be holding you back or if they see a recurring pattern in your life. 

    3. Tell them you are open to hearing whatever it is they have to say, and wont be offended. 

    When they respond, thank them and then sit with their answers. Take a look back and see where these blockers have played out in your life. You will likely see something immediately that speaks to you like a mirror, that shows you exactly how you've been holding yourself back.

    What you do next will determine if you break through or not. 

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