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    Before & After Vlog - Improve Your Online Stardom in 60 Minutes or Less (without spending a dime)!

    November 3, 2011

    {Below is a fun homework assignment, and I have a gift for all of you that will help YOU to improve your online stardom!!}

    During a recent 7 Figure Club meeting, we were doing an in-depth branding exercise, and one of the assignments was to come up with branding words for one another and how to exude these words. Business consultant Laura Garnett's words were: pleasure, warmth, fun, delicious. 

    One of her challenges was to create a video to tell her clients about her amazing brand strategy session called "Your Business Perfume". When she asked for our feedback, the resounding response was, "No, this does not reflect who YOU are. You look gorgeous as always but you're not being your fun, delicious self!"

    I asked Laura to come to my boutique so that we could experiment for one hour. I told her to come in vibrant clothing and to create a much more concise, benefit-driven script.

    After 60 minutes, this is what we created. (Listen to all of her words and observe as much as you can so we can compare and contrast.)

    Now take a look at the BEFORE so that we can examine what four things she did to drastically change her energy and charisma:

    See how the first one is much more natural, engaging, and energetic?

    Here are the behind-the-scenes secrets that you can do NOW to improve your online stardom. 

    1. Set up the props according to brand: When I first suggested to Laura that we had to improve her video, she told me that she was trying to be casual like Gary Vaynerchuck. The issue is that Gary has a grungy and gritty branding vibe, and Laura is anything but grungy and gritty!

    She does Perfume Business Essence sessions to extract her client's "aroma". This exudes a much more upscale vibe! Since Laura's brand words had to do with warmth, I made sure we had colorful pillows in the backdrop. I gave her my scarf (to portray coziness), put colorful flowers in the backdrop and made sure she was next to a window (light on her, not in back of her). 

    2. Talk naturally: At first Laura wanted to use a script. So I actually held the script for her... and this is what it came out like:

    As you can see, she's not being her juicy self while reading and you can almost always tell when someone's reading! 

    So I asked her to talk to me like a friend. She was staring at the camera very intently, and I told her that it was kind of freaking me out. "You don't talk like that to me when we are having coffee so let's get you to loosen up and move your eyes around a bit. Do like you normally do in conversation."

    Then I suggested that she talk faster. I have noticed a tendency for people to talk very S-L-O-W-L-Y on camera, and all it does is make people click PAUSE. 

    3. Light up the eyes: Do me a favor... Go to a mirror and look at your eyes. Then try to "smile" through your eyes without smiling with your mouth. This is a trick that I learned as a concert pianist. It immediately increases your presence. 

    See how Laura's eyes are bubbling up? During the taping, I would move my hands and try to get her to laugh so that she would keep that "bubble" and energy up! 

    4. Don't repeat yourself: In the first video, you notice how Laura tends to repeat words frequently. This is very common. When on camera, try to not say the same word or phrase over and over again. Less is more! Get to the point of the message. 

    Notice how much shorter her video is the second time around and how much more engaged you are!

    Your homework assignment: Create a video and work on at least one of these tips. And here's my gift to you! Post a link to your video (past or present) in the comments below, and until Wednesday November 9, I will give you a quickfire one-sentence suggestion that will give you instant improvement, too!

    (Oh, and just in case you are wondering... flipcam, baby. It's easy breezy!)

    (And no, I do not offer coaching sessions for vlogging in exchange for money. For cupcakes, maybe... but definitely not for money. :)


    Angela Jia Kim

    Angela Jia Kim is the founder of Om Aroma & Co., fresh organic beauty, and Savor the Success, the premium business network for women entrepreneurs.

    She is a mom, wife, author-in-the-making, entrepreneur, and former concert pianist. She splits her time between New York City and the Catskills

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