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    From the Assistant's View: Building business by building people

    March 14, 2013

    This is a new blog series written by me, Angela's right hand gal. She thought it would be interesting for me to share candidly our ups and downs in creating a company culture, managing employees, and growing as a team. The only assignment given to me was: "Be brutally honest and provide meaningful tips." So (gulp)... here goes!

    This morning, I caught Angela asking her 3-year-old daughter: "Sienna, who should we hire: Nelly or Susan?"

    Sienna promptly said, "Nelly" with no indecision. Seriously, that girl is taking over the empire one day. Angela turned to me and said (jokingly), "Do you think the universe is talking through my daughter? I think we've made our decision!" 

    As you can see Sienna took that decision very seriously. Needless to say, I was a bit concerned. ;)

    This week has been a busy one at Savor Spa and Savor the Success. As our businesses grow, so does our team, and one thing that I see my boss struggle with is this constant teeter-totter between knowing that she has to let go and trust that we've hired the right people who can knock it out of the park.

    My goal is to help her build a team so she can do the higher-level strategy planning and connecting. Part of this includes making sure we hire and keep the right people who can help this mission move forward in a powerful way. 

    Instead of getting bogged down by the stress of hiring talent, we have created a quick list of things we're committed to doing to keep our team growing, happy and full of talent: 

    1. Interview every month: Set up monthly group interviews seeking candidates for our most common positions. This gets a constant stream of new talent coming through the door and leaves us with a list of potential "approved" interviewees should a position open up. 

    2. Advertise the "gems" in your business: What can our business offer that no one else can? What gives our business soul? Make sure to communicate what makes the company stand out so that qualified candidates can see opportunities for themselves in your business, not just sign on for the paycheck.

    3. Hire like the New York Philharmonic: Only hire the best of the best, and make sure they are in their zone of genius (don't put a flute player in the strings section.) And to get into a prestigious orchestra, we've got to audition numerous times. Translation: never hire out of desperation or just because they meet the basic requirements for a position. Always make sure to find out if they are highly qualified and where their talents lay. 

    4. Read up on Emotional Intelligence (EI) and do DISC Testing: Emotional IQ is the ability to lead by understanding how others work, what best suits their personalities, and how they take direction. DISC testing is another way to find out more about each individual within the company, what their strengths are, and how we can best coach them to be their best selves. 

    5. Invest in employees: Especially at the beginning of their tenure, we want to make sure to provide as much coaching, training and education as possible so that they start off on the right foot. Make sure to always continue this investment by setting up programs or rewards systems that incentivize them to always develop and learn more! 

    This is what we are committing to moving forward, and I'll keep reporting to you as we incubate some of these ideas. 

    So: what's your favorite hiring strategy? Share below! We'd love to know :) 


    Elia, Business Manager, Chief of Care and top-ranking Sienna fan

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