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Savor Beauty + Spa / Savor the Success - CEO + Founder
New York, NY

    Connection Conundrum

    May 16, 2013

    Savories, I need a national think-tank around how to get all of YOU connected with amazing women around the world. 

    Rock the World 2013 was an amazing event full of powerful connections and opportunities for everyone. Our survey says that 86.5% of you are planning to attend Rock the World 2014, and we are so excited that we have already started planning. Our goal: to get you connected with the right people, thinkers, and introductions. 

    Just a few of the opportunities that came out of Rock the World 2013:

    I was blown away by the possibilities in the room. Connections piled upon connections. I got to be a part of so many exciting conversations with women entrepreneurs, CEOs and press percolating how they could work together.

    The potential is so great for this person to connect to that person, and I could see it right from the stage. It took all I had to not yell out, "So-and-so, there's so-and-so right there. You MUST meet today and here's why." 

    I left feeling extremely inspired, and at the same time, my mind was buzzing with new ideas. Between the exit of The Altman Building and the car door I had already come up with at least 50 new connections I was dying to make between Savor members. 

    My Challenge: We all know that these personal connections can be the most valuable gift someone can give you. And there are endless possibilities for them to happen. But what is the most effective, efficient and abundant way to make these connections for all of you? When I have dozens of ideas on who I should connect with who, or who would make a difference in another woman's life, how can I create them in a New York Minute? I have three businesses, but I care and want to help all of you to connect because they are crucial to what you are doing in this world. 

    I would love to hear your thoughts on this connection conundrum. Do you have any ideas how we can create connections effortlessly, quickly, and often? All ideas - wacky and crazy - are welcome! We'll catch 'em and make something happen. 

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