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    Did something alter you as a child? (Listen to it!)

    September 29, 2011

    Did something alter you as a child? (Listen to it!)

    I have this strong belief that children know much more than we think they know. There are experiences that happen in our childhood or young adulthood that alter us... and you can often use it in your life's work. 

    This week, as I take Ella Fitzgerald (my gorgeous yellow lab!) for a walk in the West Village (NYC), I share how my father's sudden death changed me forever... and how your own childhood experience has meaningful impact the lives of the people you touch. 

    RT @savorthesuccess: Did something alter you as a child? Listen to it! 


    Angela Jia Kim
    Founder, Savor the Success / Founder, Om Aroma & Co.

    P.S. So proud to be on Savor Premium Member Susan Vernicek's Show, Identity 5! It's all about self esteem, being happy with your Perfectly Imperfect self, and dealing with my cellulite. :)

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