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    Feeling stuck? Helping someone could hold the answer

    September 26, 2013

    You teach what you need to learn.

    I was on the phone with Charlie Kim, an old friend from my Iowa days. He is the founder of Next Jump, a hugely successful company that focuses on company culture (Better Me + Better You = Better Us).

    I needed his brains on Savor the Success for a hot minute, so he gave me a call. I immediately started bitching about my other business because my nail tech had just quit with only a two-day notice. (For the record, I adore her and she left the spa as a friend of the company even though I was very thrown off by the two-days notice.)

    He started the conversation by saying, “You know what I love about your Savor Success Circles? You have built exactly what you need to learn within your own business.”

    I thought it was a passing comment. 

    As I was showing him the Savor Circles of 3-5 women co-mentoring and holding each other accountable, we talked about when you feel stuck, you need to help someone else. The act of helping someone else helps with your own creativity.

    And when you help someone, you teach exactly what you need to learn within yourself.

    The conversation unexpectedly turned to my spa business, Om Aroma and Savor Spa. He said, “You know, when I was in your spa for my massage, I felt that this business is a side project for you.”

    I was a little shocked that he noticed. :)

    He said, “I don’t feel like your employees are 100% motivated or plugged into what you are doing in this world. If you fully focus on making Savor Spa live up to its awesome potential, you might be creating training programs and might build an amazing internship program there. You would have so many people in your pipeline waiting to work for you. Your nail tech quitting with two-days notice would be a non-issue."

    He suggested that I bring Savor Success Circles into Savor Spa and use the system with my employees. I would have each employee pick a big vision, pair them into groups, and give them the same opportunities that I have given to Savor the Success members.

    "Have them choose one awesome thing that they will acomplish on a weekly basis, like you do in Savor Circles with the game-changing goals. 

    When you string 13 weeks of awesome-ness together, you will be amazed what your business will accomplish. Instead of thinking so much about the outcome of the goals, focus on making what you have there awesome.

    Savor Spa is an amazing laboratory for you to learn from and to teach others.”

    So my commitment to you is to focus on this project every week and share what I learn. I’ll be 100% honest and open about the journey, warts and all.

    Here’s to ONE awesome thing a week. And here's to teaching what you need to learn. 

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