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    Follow up on my problem with some "high-level" coaches

    February 10, 2012

    When I initially wrote my first blog about "high-level" coaches and my problem with them, I had no idea the outpouring of emails we would receive from people thanking me for speaking up. Really, I have the chills right now. I had no idea the impact this blog would make. 

    People shared stories of spending upwards of 100K on coachings. Some of you are suing a couple of coaches. A couple of you were told to never talk to others in the group about the program because it would be negative to your growth (oh, Jesus. Where do I start with that one?) And most of you feel massively jipped.

    What you don't realize is that there were red flags all along.

    {Again, please note that not all coaches do this. There are many wonderful coaches out there. Use your best judgment and your gut.}

    Here are some examples of a typical rags-to-riches bio from many of these coaches: 

    "I was depressed and penniless."
    "I saw people that were celebs and wanted that lifestyle."
    "Some days I would wake up with $0 in the bank and some days I would wake up with enough to purchase a meal."
    "I went to the bank and couldn't withdraw any money."
    "I decided I would pursue my dream of being a life coach." 
    "But after a while, I realized that I was trading hours for dollars and it was driving me bonkers!"

    "One day, I discovered something called internet marketing. I was amazed because people were making MILLIONS selling e-products about really silly things. I had another Aha! moment! I would put up my sales page, put my insights to use, and change everyone's lives. 

    Within a couple of years, I was making millions. Now I'm going to help you to do the same. And trust me, it's EASY!"

    What bothers you about this? I could paraphrase many of these coaches' bios but it's all the same. Depressed, not making any money, starts to coach (why you would coach when you don't have your own "stuff" together or building a successful business is beyond me), still not making any money, gets into internet marketing and starts to make millions. 

    If you haven't figured it out, let me share what's wrong with this. That person didn't make it on her own and she's now going to teach you how to do it? Why would you allow yourself to be coached by someone like that?

    Where's the substance? Where's the quality? I wanna see what you built first. If it's massively impressive, and if we jive, then let's talk. Isn't that how it should be? 

    People, I have news for you. Success is easy AFTER you've done your fair share of work. Yes, you DO have to work. All of these programs that are coming out: "Millions with Ease", "Manifest with Ease", "Easy Affluence"... it's all designed to manipulate you into thinking you can do it without working hard for it. 

    The biggest issue I have with these coaches right now is that their marketing copy appeals to your deepest fears and then appeals to your wildest dreams. It's unrealistic and it's manipulative

    You want an easy life. You don't want to struggle anymore. You need answers. So you buy into their programs because, let's face it, "easy" sounds fun. They position themselves like Jesus, and you are an overwhelmed entrepreneur that feels like you need someone to save you. You invest in their programs and then come out of it feeling jipped because not only does their formula not work for you, you find out that you actually do have to work and that it's not so easy after all.

    You think that Olympic figure skaters get to the Olympics sitting on the couch and cruising the internet all day? I once interviewed Scott Hamilton who said that all of the hard work, sweat, blood and tears were forgotten when he would get on the ice in front of millions. That performance was easy and glorious. The admiration was huge, and he deserved it. That part was easy. The part before was not. 

    The problem with most of the world is that they want the performance but they don't want to work for it. Sorry, hate to break it to you. It does not work that way. 

    If you are just starting out in business, please let me save you thousands of dollars. Put down your credit cards. Stop this insanity.

    Invest in your inexperience. Become the best at what you do. Make mistakes. Discover your gifts. Create meaningful win/win relationships. Work passionately. Always improve. Don't chase the dollars, make a difference. Care about your clients and customers. Help 100,000 people. Hire a coach who believes in you (someone who has real successful experience in the area in which you need help).

    If you hunker down and focus on becoming a real expert (not because you decide you are one... an expert because you've put in 10,000 hours or more in your field), trust me, you will earn an impeccable reputation. You will suddenly find yourself with too many clients. You will need to start the group programs. You will need your assistant. You will need to have another "mini you". But until then, my friend, nothing's wrong with a bit of hard work. 

    It's actually fun to sweat a bit. 

    So all of this "clamor" that coaches are promising you via marketing copy and a social media online presence? If you don't have a track record and are just starting out, it's just a band-aid that will not last very long. Yes, it's the necessary step for those who have put in the time. But if you don't really have the money to invest in that program, you are not ready for that step yet. You don't have anything yet to clamor for.

    I'd rather see you get a second job to support your passion rather than try to get to the top using short cuts. Yes, use some of the marketing techniques that these internet marketers teach (just go to one of their hundreds of protege's websites and study the formula... trust me, it's not so hard to figure out). 

    If you are feeling lost, email me ( I'm hosting a live call (no icky sales pitch, promise) to answer your questions and to point you in the right direction. (No, I am not a coach, and I do not accept private clients.) I'll check out your website and honestly tell you what is your next best step. Don't call in if you don't want the truth as I see it. This is your business and it's serious. 

    I'm the girl who practiced the piano up to 13 hours a day, which eventually paid off in the form of concert tours.

    I'm the thirty-something pianist who experimented in my kitchen 1000 times before I found the perfect formula for my organic creams.

    I'm the mom who - two years ago - gave birth to my gorgeous daughter and one month later set up shop in NYC at holiday fair and sold $40,000 worth of creams while breastfeeding.

    I'm the business woman who opened up my first boutique spa in the West Village and now have my Dream Team of 10 employees, giving each of them real checks to help support their lives in NYC.

    And I'm the entrepreneur who launched Savor the Success with only 10 people nearly four years ago that eventually grew to a community of 20,000 approved online members

    If you read that and think any piece of that journey was easy, think again. In that one paragraph lies hours of self doubt, tears, "failure", and a wonderful outpouring of hard work. The success is so sweet, the journey even sweeter.

    Don't spend another penny until we talk. :) 



    Angela Jia Kim is a woman entrepreneur advocate, organic lifestyle guru, doting mom, New York City (not house)wife, and author-in-the-making.

    She uses her organic skincare business, Om Aroma, to empower and inspire other business owners by openly sharing mistakes (the kind most sweep under the rug) and lessons learned (the kind most keep as secrets to get ahead).

    She believes that building business is directly tied to self growth, that it takes a village to raise a business, and that your business is meant to serve the life you want to live. 

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