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    How to find an assistant with your Vision Book (I fire my new assistant at the end of vid!)

    September 1, 2011

    Loose transcription (with dramatic ending of me firing my new assistant!): Hey, Angela here! I wanted to share a fun project that I've been working on called "Project: Find My Personal Assistant".

    It's something I've been meaning to do all summer long but honestly, I dread the hiring process because my life's so complicated and there are so many systems to teach. So I developed a method to make the hiring process fun, which you can also use to find your "perfect" partner, assistant, employee, etc. (Not that anyone is perfect!)

    So here's my Vision Book, and as you can see, I've documented everything that I want to manifest from my personal and professional life. And... voila... here's my Personal Assistant vision page.

    Here I've written everything that I'm looking for in my assistant. She has to write like me (only better), be positive, be uber-organized, be able to sell (because she will be working at the Om Aroma boutique), and all of her computer skills are listed here. Her salary is here (highly confidential!).

    This is a list of her position titles, which is very specific. The more clear you are the more you can manifest what you want. I put an ad out on Craigslist and within 24 hours and got over 120 resumes.

    My Time Millionaire coach, Melody Stevens (seriously, you have to subscribe to her newsletter... she gives really practical tips that help you run your business without losing your life), told me, "Angela, in order to enjoy your life and save time, you have to do group interviews." So I'll be documenting that and sharing the process with you.

    Unfortunately, you have to see me fire my new assistant in this video at the very end. Even though she's super cute, sweet and brings joy into my life, she definitely does not keep me organized and her computer skills are seriously lacking.

    What has been your method of finding employees, contractors, VAs, and other people to work for you? Share here! 

    Angela Jia Kim is the founder of Om Aroma & Co., fresh organic beauty, and Savor the Success, the premium business network for women entrepreneurs.

    She is a mom, wife, author-in-the-making, entrepreneur, and former concert pianist. She splits her time between New York City and the Catskills

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