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    How to get the most out of a "coffee date"

    December 13, 2012

    Have you ever gotten together for coffee with someone and sat there wondering how to ask for help? 

    There's nothing I hate more than to waste time. Sure, connecting over coffee is wonderful with friends, but if this is a business coffee date, let's cut to the chase, right? 

    I have created a "Give, Give, Get" solution for all of us! The idea came to me when I went to lunch with a high-powered Wall Street dude who wanted to get my thoughts on his new business venture. He knew I needed help with something as well, so we sat down and started talking about his kids, my kid, and the weather. 

    Then I said, "Hey, look... I have a fantastic idea. Why don't you tell me your pain points, and I will try to help you. Then I will tell you my pain points, and you can try to help me. Okay, you first!" 

    This refocused our conversation and structured it so that we could both give and get. It ended up being a wonderful and fruitful conversation. 

    I've created a "Give, Give, Get" template to guide you through your next coffee date. (Yes, I designed it myself... kinda cute, right?)

    Download it here, too. My gift to you. xoxo

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