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    My Top 3 Picks of Women Who are Rocking Their Brands

    July 7, 2011

    I have long admired the branding of these women entrepreneurs for three specific reasons. One has an incredible sense of a visual story (and she sticks to it), the other has extraordinary contagious energy, and the last woman has her unique voice that no one can copy.

    They also have one thing in common: The river runneth deep. There is no disconnect from their professional and personal branding. 

    1. VISUAL: Grace Kang of Pink Olive is the Queen of Visuals. She understands the impact and power of a great visual story line.

    Her tagline is "whimsical gifts... love. gift. smile." Everything that she tells through visuals goes through a filter of whimsy, old-world, and relaxed happiness.

    Pink Olive Boutique.

    Even her wedding had a whimsical feel to it. She is a living and breathing example of her branding from A to Z.

    Grace Kang

    2. ENERGY: Jennifer Tuma Young of Inspired Girl oozes of contagious good energy. Her blog posts uplift and inspire you to the core. Her message is clear from top to bottom: she wants you to feel good, and this is infused in her emails, website, and her TV appearances. Even her big smile makes you want to reach for the sky.

    This screen shot taken from her website captures the "feel good" energy through her photos, quotes, and graphics. You can feel the depth of her passion because she feels it. No fakin' it here, and it shows.

    Jennifer Tuma Young

    3. VOICE: Love it or hate it, this woman has a distinct voice and writing style. It's in your face, it's bad-a$$, and it's unapologetic. Jen Sincero of Write Your Damn Book takes her voice to the edge by owning it.

    Check out this screenshot of a piece of her bio:

    That's how she talks, too. And for me, that's where the secret lies: write like you talk. 

    One day I was struck by an Oprah interview by Piers Morgan; they were talking about her brand, and she was unequivocally clear about the ONE WORD that described herself: "My brand is love."

    He countered it with something else, and she repeated, "No. My brand is love."

    Wanna play a game with me today? Let's exchange ONE WORDs! Post what you think my ONE WORD is and I'll answer back with what I think your ONE WORD is. Make sure to include your website link so I can give you my impression based on your most important calling card. :) 

    Can't wait to play with you... xoxo

    Angela Jia Kim is the founder of Om Aroma & Co., fresh organic beauty, and Savor the Success, the premium business network for women entrepreneurs.

    She is a mom, wife, author-in-the-making, entrepreneur, and former concert pianist. She splits her time between New York City and the Catskills

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