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    My Top Ten Favorite Marketing Tips (by Savor Premium Members)

    November 8, 2012

    This post is sponsored by Beatrice Johnson, founder of Brand Excitement

    At one of Savor's NYC events, we had a a game night of sorts called "Big Bada$$ Marketing Ideas". Everyone got a chance to come up and share their favorite off-the-wall marketing strategies that they had observed other businesses doing or that they had implemented themselves.

    Here are my top 10 favorite marketing tips with you... from a big idea that Kotex launched to a simple handwritten note. 

    1. Angela Jia Kim, Savor Spa + Om Aroma 
    A marketing street team can be extremely powerful if you have great brand ambassadors out there engaging your potential clients. 

    "When Dany Levy launched Daily Candy, she passed out postcards at Penn Station and hung stickers in bathroom walls to get the name out there. 

    That inspired me to create a Street Team to pass out postcards in the West Village for Savor Spa. We bought Savor shirts, created a contest (whichever team passes out the most postcards gets an hour of drinks on the company!), and had them go out to engage people on the street. 

    We have gotten some of our most loyal clients - and even some high-profile guests - from this marketing initiative!"

    2. Nika Stewart,
    Here's a Pinterest marketing tip that landed Kotex some serious viral action. 

    "Flatter others into favorable action. Kotex had their marketing team find 50 inspiring women on Pinterest who they thought were influential, and they created custom care packages for them based on each woman's Pinterest board interests. 

    In order to receive this package, Kotex asked them to "repin" Kotex's invitation. The women blogged, tweeted about it and it went viral... something to the tune of 700,000 impressions!"

    3. Vanessa Coppes,
    Sometimes looking around in your local area and reaching out to "small potatoes" can lead to BIG opportunities. 

    "Don't ignore your local market. I developed a personal connection leading to a lot of visibility. I connected with a local magazine via social media, and then I asked my contact there if I could interview her for my blog.

    Not only did I become a contributing writer for this magazine, I'm now part-owner. All that just for reaching into my local market and connecting on social media!"

    4. Mary Arnett,
    Flash sale websites can be a powerful marketing tool... IF they have your target market.

    "Create awareness with vetted flash sale websites. If you're a retailer selling a product, market to and build brand awareness with flash sale websites such as Gilt, Ideeli and Hautelook.

    The visibility with the right partner is priceless. It potentially will go to millions and create a buzz about your product."

    5. Beatrice Johnston,
    This is a personalized strategy with people who are "flirting" with the idea of working with you. 

    "Use your newsletter to go deeper in your personal connections.

    • Step 1: Download the results of your weekly/monthly newsletter campaign. 
    • Step 2: Sort the data by either "opens" or "clicks".
    • Step 3: Choose the top 10 people who opened and clicked. Reach out to them by email.

    Your email can say something like:

    Hi Angela,
    I wanted to get some advice from you since I know you're an active (subscriber/community member). Based on what's happening in your (business/life/etc), what topic would you like to see me address in one of my upcoming newsletters?

    This personalized email to an engaged viewer can lead to a lot of increased business."

    6. Jill Raff,
    An old-fashioned handwritten note can get you far... 

    "Use handwritten notes. As a real estate agent, one-on-one connections is critical. How often do you get a note written by hand? Exactly! That's why it works."

    7. Carolyn Herfurth,
    One-on-one conversations is a marketing tool that leads to big sales conversions. 

    "Use your personalized connections. I thought I'd give online video a try for one of my projects. I thought it would be my best and most streamlined sales conversion, but at the end of the day, the one-on-one conversations still ends up being my biggest winner by far." 

    8. Dawn Gepfert,
    Wow your biggest (potential) clients with grace and showmanship. 

    "With a high-end service-based business, I try to pay special attention to my very best clients. Even if I lose a proposal to another competitor, I try to wow them with grace and showmanship by sending them a note along with a gift. It makes you stand out, gets people talking, and the word-of-mouth referral machine begins."

    9. Sharon Thompson,
    Get your current clients to be your marketing and brand ambassadors.

    "Your happy clients are your best brand ambassadors. I am a high-end tutor for children. Recently, I asked one of my best clients if she could host a party for some of the other moms in her playgroup.

    She had a simple informal party with wine and cheese, and I did a small presentation and Q&A. I received more referrals from that 2 hour evening than anything I had done before." 

    10. Grace Kang,
    Come up with a cool program or incentive to get your repeat customers coming back and clamoring for more! 

    "At Pink Olive, we get a lot of repeat customers. However, I realized that I can't take them for granted and just rely on the fact that they will come back to shop with us.

    My mission has always been to create a place to make gifting fun, so we decided to reward them for being such "good gifters". We launched our new "Good Gifter Program", and we already have close to 900 people signed up in a few months!" 

    Do you have a fantastic easy marketing tip? Comment here and make sure to leave your website link, too, so people can check YOU out. :)

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