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    Regulate your energy for more abundance (a sales secret)

    March 7, 2013

    As Savor creates more and more powerful partnerships with key corporations, sponsors, and entrepreneurs, I have learned a few things that will help you to close more sales: Regulate Your Energy. 

    Every closed sale has four parts to it: 

    1. Cold: Emails of interest are coming in, talks are happening, and opportunities seem to be everywhere. Exciting! Many entrepreneurs get very excited at this stage and expend energy by talking about it, hoping, dreaming, and putting a lot of stake in this. Sit back, sister... there's a lot more coming!

    2. Warm: This is the negotiation stage, the "You get this, I get that and let's find a win/win" stage. Most deals fall through here. I've seen many entrepreneurs lose steam at this juncture because it seems black and white. Many think, "If I can't get this, then I won't do that" and then give up.

    This is where creativity goes the extra mile, and it's what sets apart the master negotiators from the amateurs. If the partnership seems right and the missions align, can you get inside the head of your potential partner, sponsor, or client with integrity and without lowering the value you bring to the table? 

    3. Hot: They said, "YES!" You get the email or phone that says that you got the deal! It's really, really happening, and it's the "Pinch Me" phase. Bring out the Champagne and celebrate this victory.

    No, no. Please sit down for one more second. 

    4. Badaboom, Badabing, Kaching: When the contract is signed and the money is in da bank. No deal is ever done until this happens. The opera lady sings when the money lands in your account. 

    If you can figure out where you are in this sales process at all times, you'll know how to stay levelheaded and do what it takes to close the sale. Knowing where you are on this 1-4 scale will help you pace yourself and know that it's simply a numbers game.

    The result? Stay grounded, keep cool and regulate your energy... and watch abundance come your way.

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