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    Rejection: A secret path to success

    May 30, 2013

    At our Rock the World 2013 Conference, I launched my new book, The Manifest Method, which is a 5-step system to build an extraordinary business and life to savor. It teaches all the secrets on how I built three successful businesses and have a full life with my family and friends. 

    It is complete with a Vision Book binder, dividers, content, a Daily Action Planner, "Get Unstuck" Sticky Notes... and a virtual Manifest Method School (see below). 

    Before the conference, I didn't make a big marketing push around it because... honestly, I was scared of rejection. What if no one bought it? What if it was a flop? What if, what if? 

    Here's the secret that I was holding: I've been working on that book for four years. I can remember my first conversation about it with my book agent in 2009. 

    After the birth of my daughter, I tackled the project with verve.

    Proposal 1 went out to the agent. Email came back: No, that's not it. 

    Proposal 2 went out. Email back: Really, that's really not it. 

    Proposal 3 went out. Email back: Okay, we need a different direction. 

    And so on. After numerous proposals, reiterations, and frustrating moments, I quit. 

    But something in me kept saying, "You have to share this with others. People have had astounding success using this method in our Savor Clubs! Don't let rejections, ego, and perfectionism become bigger than your message that could help thousands of people. Make it a game. Get as many rejections as possible and learn from it." 

    And so I kept going. With every rejection, I decided that I would ask, "What's the constructive feedback?" I used the feedback as my (love-hate) coach. 

    Finally, the email came back from my agent: Bravo. This is it. Love it!  

    But by then, I had waited too long. The baby was coming out. I told her I would do a soft launch for the Rock the World conference and then send to publishers. Not waiting for others to make this happen. 

    So here it is. My baby has arrived, and I'm pleased to say that we sold out at Rock the World. However, we have pre-ordered more and it will be available for sale next week! 

    As a celebration, we are launching a virtual Manifest Method School on June 17, 2013 that all Premium Members will receive full scholarship to! Every Monday, you will receive a fresh new bite-size video where I will share everything that I've done to create three successful businesses and a life to savor. I will teach you step-by-step how you can do the same. And then you will have the opportunity to send in your questions, which we will answer on a blog every Friday. 

    There will also be little savor surprises and prizes for everyone as you finish your homework assignments. 

    So, ready for summer school and to learn how to manifest what you want out of life and business? The bell rings on Monday, June 17, 2013! Become a Premium Member today to get a full-scholarship to school, and you can order your books here at our new Savor Store! There is limited space since this is a soft launch, so once we sell out, we sell out. :) 

    (For those who pre-ordered at Rock the World, we will be sending your books out in the next one-two weeks.)  

    A special thank you to Sara Blette of Make My Notebook and Stephanie Vozza for helping make this all possible. 

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