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    Savor Show: Angela interviews Heather Thomson, founder of Yummie and star of Real Housewives of NYC

    April 11, 2013

    Hello, Savories!

    Did you hear about the Spanx vs. Yummie Tummie lawsuit? It's an interesting study in how valuable your IP is and why you must monitor and protect your patents (and your trademarks). Companies are willing to spend millions to protect IP, and as a small business, you need to monitor and protect yourselves, too. 

    I had a chance to sit down with Heather Thomson, founder of Yummie Tummie last week. I got the skinny on her success secrets and also asked what she has learned from being sued by Spanx. 

    On the day that I interviewed her, she was delayed by about 30 minutes. I later learned that it was because her legal team had just countersued Spanx. She explained why she felt it necessary to stand up for her patents and why other entrepreneurs need to do the same. 

    She also talks about:

    Why she believes women should have each others' backs
    Her experiences on Real Housewives of NYC and what it has done for her brand
    Why she believes entrepreneurs need to stand up for their patents and trademarks
    - What she will talk about at Rock the World on May 8-9 

    Heather will share her secrets of success at Rock the World 2013 (how she took out a loan of $1M and paid it off in two years, failing fast) as she mentors YOU to build your dream businesses. 

    Please note that we are accepting Rock the World 2013 Award Ceremony nominations! You can nominate anyone you admire whether they part of the Savor community or not. 

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