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    Savor Top 9 Women To Watch + Holiday Gift Guide

    December 12, 2013

    Savor Top 9 Women To Watch + Their Products, TOO! 

    Here is our Top 9 list of Women to Watch and their products, too. Created by socially-responsible women entrepreneurs, these products are doing some massive good in our world. Check out our powerhouse Do-Gooders. 

    1. Alison Raffaele concealer: A former Bobbie Brown protege, Alison has created the best eco-friendly concealer on the planet, period. Perfect for the last-minute "stress pimple" that pops up right before the investor meeting. I'm a #3, what's your number? 

    2. Kohana coffee: Created by philanthropist, Victoria Lynden, this Hawaiian coffee is rich, smooth, and so darn delicious. What grabs my heart the most is that the company is doing massive good in this world by supporting organizations that provide wells for safe water. 

    3. Friendships Don't Just Happen by Shasta Nelson: There's a reason that Katie Couric is a fan of this powerwoman who is at the helm of a big friendship movement. Shasta is on a mission to get people to go from meeting people to fostering meaningful friendships that matter. (Don't miss Shasta's talk in NYC in January 2014 about the power of friends in our professional lives!) 

    4. Olivebox: Founder Grace Kang re-introduces grace, charm, and gratitude with her all-things-stationary box. This is the perfect gift for yourself and those who love paper! Psssst... they are launching a card box soon for those who appreciate the lost art of snail mail. 

    5. Good Karmals: It was love at first taste when the first karmal melted in my mouth. Patty West's secret recipe is not only the highest quality ingredients (Oprah claims it might be the best caramel she has ever had!) but also the good karma that comes with every bite. Feel good and do good. 

    6. Make My Notebook: Sara Blette's Colorado studio bustles with creativity with her handmade notebooks. Everything from "Notes to My Baby" to "Exit Strategy", make sure to get all your ideas out of your head and onto recycled-paper! 

    She's also the designer for the Daily Action Planner: Organize your Gorgeous Chaos! This fun monthly planner sets your week and day up so that you are ten times more productive while having more fun, too. The special surprise is that this planner organizes your day around picking one moment to savor. 

    7. Soaps to Live By: Smell good, feel good, do good. Every time you purchase one of these organic soaps, you help plant a tree. Their goal is to plant 10,000 trees in one year. Join in on the mission! 

    8. Everything Happy: I have to admit, my daughter has five of these blankies. It's so cuddly, warm, and the mission is great: for every blanket you buy, they give one to a child in need. Now with an expanded line of stuffed animals, pillows, and more, think Tom's for our little ones. 

    9. Biscuits by Lambchop: Not only does artisanal dog-treat baker Annette Frey create delicious gluten-free treats for doggies with sensitive tummies, her company also supports local animal shelters. Your dog will thank you for the biscuit, and shelter dogs will thank you for helping Annette do good for them.

    Support these women-owned business that are doing so much good in this world! Purchase one of each and put them into a "Be Good To People" bag (created by founder Kris Wittenberg) for the ultimate Do-Good gift. 

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