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    Savor's Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide!

    December 16, 2011

    This blog is happily sponsored by Farah Beliard of Virtual Mavrix. 

    If you still haven't finished your holiday shopping, today's your lucky day! We've come up with an amazing list of our top holiday gift picks for everyone on your list.

    We believe in supporting small businesses, so why not support a woman entrepreneur! 

    {If you are a woman entrepreneur and have a fabulous holiday gift to share with the world, please post it in the comments area so we can help get your name out there, too.}

    #1. Perfect Gift Under $15: some helpful tips for a better world and a happier life by Pink Olive

    Why We Love This: This whimsical gift from the folks at Pink Olive is sure to put a smile on faces big and small. From making funny faces in the mirror to lending Mother Nature a hand, this simply written and beautifully illustrated book reminds us that we each help to make the world a better place.

    Price: $12.00

    Where you can find it: some helpful tips for a better world and a happier life

    #2. Perfect Mom-with-Kid Gift: Fat Tie Shirts by Fat Tie, Inc.

    Why We Love This: What better way to get ready for that big holiday party than to wear one of these adorable tees? With names like "Brandon" and "Bifford," the tees come in eight colorful styles, and are cool way to ‘prep' any kid for their future in the boardroom.

    Price: $38.00

    Where you can find it: Fat Tie Boy Shirts

    Angela Jolie's kid loves Fat Tie shirts! 

    #3. Perfect Hostess or Mom-in-Law Gift: ‘Hostess Gift' by Om Aroma & Co. Organic Skincare

    Why We Love This: A lovely way to thank a special lady on your gift list, this gift or organic skincare goodies comes with Creme Éclat, Bon Bon Soaps, and a decadent artisanal chocolate bar!

    Price: $49.00

    Where you can find it: Hostess Gift by Om Aroma & Co. Organic Eco-Gifts

    #4. Perfect Client Gift: The Big Enough Company by Adelaide Lancaster & Amy Abrams

    Why We Love This: Based on the premise that every company has a different "size" and one size does not fit all, the authors help entrepreneurs to build their businesses with an emphasis on creating success on their own terms, and not someone else's standards and expectations.

    Price: $15.26

    Where you can find it: The Big Enough Company

    #5. Perfect Pooch Gift: Dirty Dog Organics Gift Tote by Dirty Dog Organics

    Why We Love This: This is a great gift for the dog lover on your list. The tote comes with shampoo, fur refresher, soothing balm, a gift card and a yummy treat! Kristin Frase Cotte, of The Grapeseed Company,  created this line of organic pet care products to pamper her company's spokespooch, Surf!

    Price: $24.95

    Where you can find it: The Dirty Dog Organics Gift Tote

    #6. Perfect New Mom Gift: Happy Blankie by Everything Happy

    Why We Love This: Happy Blankies are a stuffed animal and a blanket in one, and can be personalized. We think it's so cool that it was invented by Emily Holdridge's son, David, when he was just 7 years old! And, as if that wasn't good enough, for every Happy Blankie sold, one is donated to a child in need.

    Price: $20.00 and up

    Where you can find it: The Happy Blankie

    #7. Perfect Wife Gift: Swansong Coat by LiaMolly

    Why We Love This: Inspired by the regal swan, this gorgeous knit coat is not only beautiful, but is a product of an artisanal knitting community created by Seema Sudan, a former designer with Anthropologie. Through a Kickstarter campaign, she raised money to bring a factory to New Orleans, creating jobs for people in Louisiana!

    Price: $150.00

    Where you can find it: The Swansong Coat by LiaMolly

    #8. Perfect Foodie Gift: The Black Box Dessert Club

    Why We Love This: This dessert-of-the-month club features artisanal confections from small batch, sustainably run companies who bake with all natural ingredients. There are several levels of membership from Petite Box to Grand Box, and there are even custom and vegan options for every foodie on your list.

    Price: $45.00 and up

    Where you can find it: The Black Box Dessert Club

    #9. Perfect Under $50 Gift: The Be Good To People Blanket

    Why We Love This:  We love this plush throw made of velour with micro fur because it's super snuggly and has a great message: Be good to people!

    Price: $42.00

    Where you can find it: The Be Good To People Blanket

    #10. Perfect Friendship Gift: The CHICA Bracelet

    Why We Love This: This beautiful handmade bracelet is for every C.H.I.C.A. - Caring, Hermosa (beautiful), Inspiring and Can do Attitude. Made with materials imported from Vanessa Coppes' native Dominican Republic, the gorgeous bracelet is a great way to thank your BFF for all that she does.

    Price: $65.00

    Where you can find it: The EnV CHICA Bracelet

    Angela Jia Kim is a woman entrepreneur advocate, organic lifestyle guru, doting mom to Sienna (the best negotiator ever) and author-in-the-making.

    She uses her organic skincare business, Om Aroma, to empower and inspire other business owners by openly sharing mistakes (the kind most sweep under the rug) and lessons learned (the kind that most keep as secrets to get ahead).

    She believes that building business is directly tied to self growth, that it takes a village to raise a business, and that extreme self care is the single most important thing you can do for your business and your life. 

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