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    There are two types of people... which are you?

    January 31, 2013

    There are two types of people...

    Those who cast a net and those who get the fish. 

    I have a story to share with you that I hope will inspire you to be the one who gets the fish. 

    At my boutique spa in the West Village of NYC, we offer eco mani/pedis. Sounds and looks lovely and happy, right? 

    Ahem. Plain and simple: it's a frickin' pain-in-the-arse to find nail technicians who are legal and reliable. In fact, I've blogged about this P.I.A. in the past. 

    Our nail technician recently announced she had to have hand surgery and was unsure of when she would be able to return to work, so we launched another massive search.

    We were hopeful when we got some responses, but nail tech after nail tech asked to be paid under the table or didn't have a legal license. 

    Jesus Almighty. I felt like giving up so many times. 

    A lot depended on having the right tech in the spa: we have clients with appointments, loyal spa members who depend on us to have impeccable nail service, spa parties booked, major press coming in to try out our uber-sanitary pedicures... the list goes on. 

    Get the fish, get the fish. 

    Getting the fish means going after what you want instead of sitting back and wishing for it. It means that casting the net -- just putting some feelers out there -- isn't always enough to get what you need to succeed. It can also mean that despite previous failures or doubts, you have to make moves. 

    I jumped into action.

    I challenged my team to go into salons to ask the receptionist if they had anyone who wanted a part-time job. No cigar. 

    I asked my assistant to call local beauty schools to place ads with the job placement department. Meh

    I asked my assistant to get the director of the schools on the phone. I would offer free talks to teach these young grads how to get a job after graduation. Brilliant idea, right? More meh

    Finally, I told my assistant, "Find out what time the nail tech teacher finishes her class today. I'm going in for Operation: Ambush."  She cleared my calendar and off I went.

    At first, the nail tech teacher was not interested in speaking. I'm sure - as friendly and charming as I tried to be - she was caught off guard by an overzealous entrepreneur. 

    Regardless, she said she would contact me if she knew of anyone. This could have just been a net. So I asked for her email address and shot her a message that night.

    Bull's Eye! She wrote back: "Actually I can help you... I run a Nail Tech Recruiting Agency and can send you the best of the best." She has since sent us two legal and licensed applicants. I know, doesn't sound like a lot, but that's 200% more than we were getting previous. 

    I actually couldn't have written a better script than this. Not only does this solve our current challenge, it takes care of it from here on out. 

    Moral of the Story: The most important skill we as entrepreneurs can develop is to close that loop to get the fish. Most people stop at, "I left a message and never heard back." And sometimes you do have to leave it at that. 

    But the greatest success stories come from people who don't. 

    What fish will you catch today? 

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