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    Transform fear into fun!

    May 24, 2012

    Loose transcription: Hey this is Angela Jia Kim of Today I'd like to share some tips on moving fear into action.

    The other day I was with my friend and we are brainstorming about our new venture in a cafe. We're about to relaunch Savor officially in NJ under her leadership. We were so excited about it, and when we saw our big dreams and goals, we looked at each other and kind of freaked out.

    We did something very powerful for the following ten minutes that transformed our fears into fun action.

    These were big goals, and so what are we going to do? We decided to come up with ten different marketing strategies and as we came up with each one, the fear started to melt away one by one. 

    I'm going to share with you my "M.A.N.I.F.E.S.T Manual" which is really a vision book for action. 

    Let me read to you some of  the different fun marketing strategies that we came up with:

    • July potluck party!
    • a press release sent to the media event listings in the local paper
    • in-house newsletter
    • postcard campaign
    • phone campaign. trying to get a feature 
    • article through a journalist that we both know. social media, getting on tv
    • news 12 TV  
    • word of mouth marketing for current savor members

    Your Homework Assignment: Come up with 10 different ways that you can market it and watch that fear melt away into action!  

    What are some fun marketing strategies you can put into action? Comment below! Be creative and make it fun... 

    P.S. Premium Members, if you missed last week's Lunch & Learn with Barbara Lampugnale, she shared her amazingly inspiring story that led to Shark Tank. Hear that recording and many more valuable videos/teleconference calls in our Savor Library

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