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    TV Show Opportunity!

    October 28, 2011

    Ladies, got this email from the fabulous Mike Michalowicz on Thursday... wanted to share with all of you and make sure you all know about this! Take advantage and GOOD LUCK!!!


    Hey Angela - I wanted to call you, but can't find your phone number at the moment (do you mind resending it to me).

    I am dropping you a note, to see if you would want to spread the word on this.  I am doing a pilot for a new show (a pretty major cable network) and they are starting casting early next week.  They specifically want to get brick/mortar women owned businesses on the show for me to do a makeover... and actually identified about 5 different groups to talk with.  

    One of them being Savor.  So, instead of Julie (she is the casting producer) reaching you, I asked if I could forward on the note since we know each other.  

    Here are the details: 

    A major cable network is going to be doing a casting call in the next few days, but they have allowed me to announce it to my network of friends first.  Specifically I (Mike Michalowicz) am going to be a host for a "business makeover" show.  The show focuses more on strategy and innovative approaches more then "new paint jobs." 

    For this casting call, we are looking for women business owners within 100 miles of New York City.  The entrepreneurs MUST have their own brick and mortar location (retail store, manufacturing, etc.) and either make and/or sell products, foods or other tangible (non-service) items.  The business needs to be in critical need of help or in crisis (bankruptcy looming, business partnership gone bad, etc.) 

    If you have someone interested, please have them do the following (as soon as possible): 

    1. Send an email to (the booking agent there is named Julie) 

    2. Include one paragraph (brief is better) that explains what your business does 

    3. Include a second paragraph (keep it brief too) that explains the challenge or problem your business is facing. 

    4. Tell us where you are located. 

    5. Include a current (within last 6 months) picture of yourself (and any business partners) 

    6. Include a link to your website (if you have one). 

    7. Include a picture of your facility. 

    8. Include a picture (if relevant) of the products or items you sell/carry. 

    9. Include any other relevant detail (keep it short). 

    10. Provide your best email address and phone number(s) to contact you at. 


    Mike Michalowicz

    Obsidian Launch

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