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    We need your help for The E.N.O.U.G.H. Campaign!

    January 10, 2013

    As a mom, when the CT school shooting happened on December 14, my heart broke into pieces.

    As a business owner, I paced in my apartment for days trying to figure out what we can do.

    I believe that we can do so much for the greater good through our businesses, and it's a matter of plugging into what we feel passionate about.

    This woke the Mama Bear in me, and it hit too close to home. Newtown could have been our town... and their children could have been our children. 

    Savor members got together in our virtual cafe and began putting our heads together. What could we do as a group to make a powerful and prominent mark that would have lasting effect?

    We have aligned with a big movement of Connecticut moms who have formed the E.N.O.U.G.H Campaign (Empowering Non-Violent Opposition to Unnecessary Guns in Homes). Their mission is to keep our children safe... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    We need your help. 

    As one of the moms in the group said, "I'm not a political activist. I'm a garden designer and a mom. I wipe snot off my children's faces all day. All I want is for my children to be safe, and I want your children to be safe. By the end of the day, 35 more people will die from a gun shot. I can't do this alone. Please join me in this mission to keep our children safe."

    They are a passionate group of moms, a lot of them without much business experience. This is where we Savories can really help out and use our talents and businesses for the greater good.

    A number of Savories are stepping up to volunteer a bit of their time and talents to help these moms get off the ground.

    Savor and Michelle Ghilotti, Int'l have committed to helping produce a PSA video to create awareness for the movement. I'm hoping some of you can be in this video (see below).

    We need 6-10 people (mostly moms but others, too) to be in the video production by saying a line of a script we have created. The video is 1 minute long and connotes the "Mama Bear" wanting to protect our children with a call to action. 

    The filming will take place on Monday, January 14 in NYC at my apartment in the UWS. 

    A big HUGE HUGE Thank You to Michelle Ghilotti and her husband (Josh) for their countless hours they spent over the holidays to help this get off the ground with branding, website, video production, pulling together so many people... the list goes on. 

    Thank you, thank you, everyone. This is where I feel SO GRATEFUL to be a woman entrepreneur. We can use our businesses to help change the world. 

    If you can help in any way, please post here! 


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