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    Week 2: Project Awesome – Business growth is personal growth

    October 17, 2013

    Have you ever heard that business growth is personal growth? 

    I have an admission to make: During my entire career as a business owner, I have had a bit of smothered frustration in me.  

    I'm a Type A go-getter. I have had a hard time understanding some employees who may not be as tightly wound. I know this frustration is a left-over symptom of my own upbringing (two "tiger" parents), but I haven't been able to reconcile it. 

    (Note: before you read on, if you don't know what I'm up to with Project: Awesome, please read this and this for the background scoop. The rest will make much more sense.)


    In setting and meeting weekly AWESOME goals, I noticed one of my employees not setting any professional goals. I immediately called the spa to talk to her.

    "Hey, Patty! I love your personal goal that you posted this week, but I didn't see a professional goal. Do you want me to help out with setting one?"

    "Oh, well... honestly, I don't really..." she paused. "I've never really set goals... I'm not really motivated by money, you know."

    "Have you sat down to think about what you really want in life? Like, what do you really, really want?" I asked. 

    She thought about it and said slowly, "You know, there's a massage class I've been wanting to take..."

    I don't know why. Maybe it was the way she said it. Maybe it was because she was finally admitting what she wanted. But the way she said it healed something in me. The frustrations that I had been feeling for the past few years melted away because I finally understood something fundamental.

    All this time, I was wanting something from her... for her to step it up, play a faster business game, and reach her potential. But maybe what she needed was something from me: to show her how to create goals and to get what she wants out of life.

    "Hey, Patty. I think that's amazing. What if you used Savor Spa to get you what YOU want? Like let's figure out how much that massage class is, and we can create goals on how many products you would need to sell in order to get there. I can totally help you with that." 

    "I never thought of it like that, Angela. I never thought to use work as a means to get what I want. It makes sense." 

    Holy S***. I think I'm onto something here. And it's much bigger than business.

    Week 2: “School of Hard Knocks” Lesson Learned

    Help your employees and those around you to get what they want in life. It opens up your channels of compassion and mutual investment in one another's dreams. 

    Project: Awesome

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