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    Week 3: Project Awesome – How to save 10 hours a week

    October 24, 2013

    We were in Las Vegas where I was speaking and trade-showing at a major spa convention with two of my estheticians and wonderfully supportive husband. What happens in Vegas... stays in Vegas. :) No, read on. I got something important to tell you. 

    Kate, my head esthetician, reminded me, "Hey Angela, remember when I told you we should do tradeshows and you said you would only do it if you were a featured speaker? Well, do you realize that we manifested this in five months?" 

    I had forgotten. 

    Here I was, about to go on stage to teach hundreds of Spa Directors from Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Starwood, Marriott, and more how to increase their retail sales. A spa consultant had gotten wind that our retail sales were unusually high in the spa industry (like 40% higher than most spas), and now everyone wanted to know my secrets. 

    (One day, I'll teach you my L.O.V.E.R system to increase retail sales. They loved it, and if they do it right, they will hopefully increase their retail sales by 10% next year.)

    Back to Kate. "What do you think the secret sauce was?" I asked.

    "You just take daily action, and I think your baby steps equal huge results when you stack them up. I like that, and I'm really happy that I get to do the same thing with Project Awesome," she responded. 

    Listen up, peeps! Want to get some serious s*** done and be 10 times more productive? Declare your 90-day vision, and then focus on ONE awesome goal that you will accomplish during the week. After 12 weeks, you will be amazed at what you've accomplished. 

    Here are 5 tools I use to make big things happen:

    1. Plan. I always set a GAME-CHANGING goal on Monday. I spend time alone every Sunday to do a "cleanse" of what's on my plate and what needs to get done with my Daily Action Planner. Just like a great weight-loss program involves planning (ever notice that when you want to lose weight, if you don't plan ahead, you eat the first doughnut in sight because you're so darn hungry?), manifesting your weekly goals involves planning.

    If you don't plan, you will "do the doughnuts"... tasks that don't actually make a difference in manifesting real results. You'll just get distracted and spend your time - and more importantly, your energy - very poorly. 

    Try it. It only takes 5-10 minutes, and it will save you at least 10 hours a week. Plus, it's fun and therapeutic. It's how I run three businesses, raise my daughter, be a wife, live in crazy Manhattan... without losing my mind. 

    2. Be specific and tell an accountability group. I always see people declare weak weekly goals. "I will focus on my speech this week." Non, non, non. A great goal is specific... so if you told a complete stranger what you want to accomplish, s/he could check it at the end of the week and actually see that you did it. They can't measure "focus on my speech this week" but they can measure, "I will write the intro and ending of my speech and have 10 powerpoint slides done." See the difference? 

    3. Prototype it. What's a prototype? It's physical proof of forward motion. I like goals to be in my hands by end of week, even if it's not perfect. That's why I call it "prototype" because it allows you to fail and not feel bad. Prototypes are supposed to be imperfect. 

    Example: My 10 powerpoint slides have been printed out and I have physical proof that I can show my accountability team. Or I take a snapshot and show my accountability group as proof that it's done. 

    I know this seems like a waste, but it's not. It gives you an adrenaline rush that makes you want to do more. It's also proof that your goal was a good one because you can actually show results and not just talk about invisibile fluff that no one can measure. 

    Push it out and make as many mistakes as you can. Trust me, this is the way to get results that you can see, feel, and touch. 

    4. Be held accountable. Every Friday, my accountability group shows each other (and gives feedback/support) the results of our AWESOME goals. Without this important piece, I would not focus on it with all my energy. Something about saving face and not letting my team down is extremely motivating. This accountability piece has been so crucial in my employees stepping it up big time. 

    Get thee an accountability group. Start your own or apply to be part of a Savor Success Circle

    5. Don't be a wimp. Every week, I choose a game-changing goal. I put myself out there to do something scary.

    Think speaking to Spa Directors of major corporations was easy for me, a former concert pianist who never worked in a corporation? Nope. 

    Think having the audacity to think I can teach people who have been in the spa business 30 years more than I have is easy? Nope. 

    Think starting Project: Awesome and sharing my honest journey with thousands of people is easy? Nope. 

    But I did it, and so can you. It starts with putting yourself out there every single week in a game-changing way. Risk failing. In fact, I dare you. FAIL. It's okay. It's how babies start to walk. It's how kids learn how to play a musical instrument. It's how Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb. 

    And that, my friends, is how you get serious s*** done. 


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