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    Week 5: Project Awesome – How to be unstoppable as a leader

    November 7, 2013

    When I had that conversation with an old friend, he said something that really stuck with me (well, if you wanna know the truth, it bothered me). 

    "A, be their mom and you will have their loyalty." 

    "Huh? Be their mom? I already have a kid and it's stressful enough. I now have to be my employees' mom, too?" 

    "Yes," he said. "And their dad." 

    I had to go to conduct an interview so I never got to explore this further with him. I decided to figure it out on my own to really understand it. 


    Monday, November 4: We are in Week 5 of Project Awesome + Savor Success Circles at my spa in the West Village.

    Here's a quick report: 

    - My employees are saying things like, "I'm shocked at how well this is working"
    My receptionists are voluntarily and happily entering data into our system
    My estheticians are sending "Thank You" notes to clients
    Everyone is following our scripts for our "LOVER" sales system
    - Clients have been raving about our customer service

    My employees are having fun pursuing professional AND personal goals

    Before Project Awesome, it was like pulling teeth to do any of the above. Check out this photo of one of my estheticians as she accomplishes one of her personal goals! 

    Sales are up, and "Mama" here is happy. 

    Except one thing. 

    This "be the Mama" thing is attracting drama into my life. And if you know me, you know one thing. I hate wasted time. 

    I'm perfectly aware that when one uplevels, you have to go through the bad to get to the good. There has been increased in-fighting among my employees, and now that I've been much more accessible and present at the spa, I've been called in to be a referee of sorts.

    I feel like the Kindergarten Teacher that has to ask this person to apologize to that person and for that person to not do this thing and for this person to please do that thing. 

    I don't think this is what he meant about being a Mom to them. 


    Wednesday, November 6:

    7:00 AM: Let's back out here for a quick second and examine what's really going on. What's being a mom all about for me? And how does this translate into business? 

    I believe my greatest (and hardest) job as a mom is to see Sienna's gifts and what she truly loves in life... and to help her to reach her greatest potential. I try to live and breathe that daily. 

    As a leader, I have a gift to be able to hone in on a person's "zone of genius", and I know how to cut through the BS to get them to reach their potential.

    So with that knowledge, I'm officially quitting this Kindergarten teacher thing and trying a brand spankin' new approach. 


    5:00 PM: 

    Dingaling. Dingaling. 

    "Susie, listen, I have to talk to you. Here's the thing... I really want to keep the peace at work, and as you know, you have gotten into a few incidents with other staff in the past month."

    Susie gets defensive. Instead of playing Kindergarten teacher, I hone in on her great gifts.

    "Your heart and intention are golden. You are one of the most nurturing people I know. The minute I get a little cough, you go out and buy holistic medicine for me. You are so amazing that way. AND, you are extremely passionate and fiery... but if not directed right, it can come across as snappy."

    She agrees. "I just wish people would see the good instead." 

    "Well, when you get snappy at people, they focus on the snappiness vs. the passion."

    "But, Angela, I also want to accept that I have this fierce side to me and not hide it." 

    "Being fiery is an amazing quality, but I have had to learn the hard way that sometimes you have to tone it down in business and in your personal life so that the other person can actually hear what you have to say. We just need to focus the passion on something positive. Like focus it on the events and the detox program you love creating. Put the energy behind things that actually matter." 

    She got it. Really got it. 


    8:00 PM: I get this text from her.

    I call the spa. "Omg... what are the boxes for?"

    "Our shopping bags for the holidays. 32 huge boxes that are taking up the entire lounge area. We will have to rent a U-Haul to get to the warehouse in the Catskills. FedEx said they won't reroute it." 

    "Susie, remember when we were talking about your fiery side? I need you to get on that phone and worrrrrrrk it. Tell them we have been amazing customers for years and they have to reroute it TONIGHT. Focus that energy on this." 

    She did it. :)


    School of Hard Knocks Lesson: When you figure out who you are as a leader and live it authentically, you are unstoppable. 

    Let's toast to being a Mama. :)

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