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    Week 8-9: Project Awesome becomes Project Fail?

    December 5, 2013

    No bueno, no bueno. 

    Really, I'd like to tell you everything is dandy candy over here. But I promised you total transparency... so here goes. 


    December 3, 2013
    12:30 PM

    I'm indulging myself by working in bed all day. I'll snap out of it, promise, but allow me a moment. 

    One of my teams from Project Awesome (a team initiative I'm doing at my boutique spa in the West Village, NYC) is going down in fast flames: Shelly wants to quit Project Awesome because she doesn't feel confident in her goal-setting abilities. 

    Her team member is mad because now they are down one person, and they won't win the prizes (which is understandable). But she doesn't want to try to convince Shelly to stay on the team. 

    And I'm feeling like this is failing big time. This project is supposed to bring people together, not create dissension. 

    An email from a friend reassures me: "80% of the weeks will fail (while still trying hard) vs. 20% will succeed. This is good experimentation, good growth pushing.

    I feel really good reading that. Hey, if you're supposed fail 80% of the weeks while still trying hard, I'm right on target. 


    3:17 PM

    Ding! An email comes in. While drama has been flaming up on one team, the other team has had a breakthrough.  


    Everyone on Team A would like to volunteer for a great cause this month. Just spent some time looking into volunteer options. Team A is prepared to participate, but we'd love it if we can get the entire staff into it. It would be so much fun! 

           - City Harvest does group volunteer work with a minimum of 5 people.

           - There are opportunities for groups of 5-15 people to volunteer at Barc Shelter.

           - There is also an organization called WIN (women in need) where we could help.

    I'm sure we can also arrange a beauty event for mothers and daughters to get mini facials. Let me know what you think or if you have other places in mind.


    4:39 PM

    Even though I'm still working in bed, calling in periodically to my biz manager to find out how our troubled team is doing, I turn my focus to this inspiring development from the other half of the crew.

    It came from their hearts, and to see all four of them want to give to others in need lifted my spirits.  If all that comes from Project: Awesome is this amazing volunteer project, we have succeeded. 

    How many lives will we improve through volunteer efforts? Could Project: Awesome actually affect not just our team, but our community? I'll make sure to report back, but one thing is for sure: their amazing spirit helped me re-focus on why I believed in this project in the first place. 

    Lesson Learned from the School of Hard Knocks: 80% failure, 20% success rate. We need to fail fast in order to succeed more. 

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