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    Why all the LinkedIn Love?

    February 14, 2013

    I was on the phone with Kat Gordon, the head of the marketing firm we are working with.

    She was shocked by my admission. "What? You aren't on LinkedIn?? You must, must, must get active now. Don't you know when people first hear of you, they go to your LinkedIn profile?" 

    To set the record straight, I am on LinkedIn. I'm just not active. I had to search for my password when I tried to log on. And like every other entrepreneur on the planet, I don't have time to play on social media.

    It must be LinkedIn Love month because at our monthly Savor event in NYC, we had a panel speaking about LinkedIn.

    The experts were saying that when a potential client is faced with an incomplete or inaccurate profile of you on LinkedIn, alarm bells go off. This is also the place where HR people and recruiters hang out so it's a good place to get corporate clients. 

    I got an email from Kat with my homework assignment, which I'm passing along to you: 

    1. Update all professional info to be current and accurate.
    2. Ask three high-profile people to write a recommendation for you.
    3. Link your blog and vlog to your profile.

    For those of you who are more advanced than I am, here are more tips that we learned at the Savor event:
    Thanks to Savor Premium Members Annette Eskenazi, Donna Cravotta, and Susan Tabor-Kleiman for their incredible knowledge. 

    1. Join groups. You could get a client from interest and hobby groups, too. 
    2. Make sure that your photo is professional (no bikini tops... this isn't FB!)
    3. Always post your blog content onto LinkedIn. 
    4. Write recommendations for others. It's the nice karmic thing to do. 

    So! Let's play a LinkedIn Love game. For those of you who have tried to connect with me over there and haven't heard a peep, I apologize.

    I'm ready to connect with you over there. I promise to play hard and commit to this big time for the next 7 days. You in?  :)

    Oh, and leave your LinkedIn profile here so others can connect with you, too. 

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