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    Why were these women so unsupportive?

    February 27, 2014

    A few weeks ago, I was contacted by author and entrepreneur, Farnoosh Torabi, who was writing a feature for Daily Worth called, "A Day in the Life of 7 Successful Women". She asked me to submit a time schedule of a typical day in my life. I hemmed and hawed a bit because in truth, I don't have a typical day, and that's what I love about being an entrepreneur.

    (Image above from Daily Worth)

    I wondered if I should choose a day that included simmering a six-hour soup and turning off the phones so I can write my book in bed, or if I should choose a "whip lash" day when I am running around from meeting to meeting. I much prefer the former, but I chose the latter because simmering a soup and writing a book made for a short one-sentence paragraph. :)

    The day after the article came out, I read some of the comments and was shocked by what I saw. Instead of offering support or even interest, most of the commenters pointed out the "lack of sleep" in our lives and criticized the treadmill of crazy days.

    Another comment took issue with the fact that many of the profiled women followed "female-oriented" fields. And yet another said something like "Helpful to have a husband connected [to] Wall Street."

    I say: What happened to the idea of celebrating the different paths women choose, and the fact that we get to choose how we spend our time? 

    Look at how far women have come. Not even 100 years ago, women were not even allowed to vote. Remember Susan B. Anthony?

    How about other women who fought for our rights and for those of others? Remember Rosa Parks? 

    They'd be so proud of how far we have come. They'd see us as go-getters who constantly defy limits, perceived challenges, and boundaries. After all, they certainly didn't take "No" for an answer.

    Strong women lift each other up because, together, we are a powerful force. We are carrying on what Susan B. Anthony set up for our generation... the freedom to choose. In this case, it's about how we live our lives. Instead of criticizing and judging, what kind of opportunities do we create when we celebrate each other's successes? 

    I'd love to hear some thoughts from you ladies in the comments below.

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