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    Woman of the Week: Melody Stevens, Time Millionaire

    December 20, 2012

    Melody Stevens calls herself the Time Millionaire: she helps entrepreneurs to build six-figure businesses by building their Dream Teams. She can take any day and ensure that it involves work, rest, family and fun while STILL leaving you pockets of time. Her coaching business is designed to empower and inspire business owners to take control of their lives by taking hold of their schedules, living in their "zone of genius" and delegating all other tasks. 

    Below, Melody shares the story of her success in her own business (a music academy located in New Jersey and a preschool that's is launching in Park Slope, Brooklyn next year) and what inspires HER to keep the entrepreneurial torch burnin'.

    Read on for your daily dose of inspiration! 

    Where does your entrepreneurial spirit come from?

    Entrepreneurship is in my blood. I'm from a long line of generations of business owners, but I'm the first woman in my family to own her own business. I have to say, my grandmother really was the backbone of my grandfather's "mom-and-pop" grocery store/butcher shop. She's a tiny five feet tall and NO ONE would dare cross her. My grandfather was the nice guy behind the counter who cut the meat and fed the homeless.

    I grew up around the salon and spa industry; my Uncle owns two locations in the Philadelphia area. I hung out at the salons often, and this was, believe or not, excellent training for running a music school. Hair cut and piano lessons... same difference!

    What also propelled me to be an entrepreneur was working at a public school as a music teacher and feeling exhausted at the end of the day. During that time, I also taught lessons at a private studio and would feel energized afterward. I asked the owner's wife for a full time position with the studio. The very next day, the owner asked me if I wanted to buy the place.

    Six months later, the studio was mine. Within six months, we grew from 116 to 300 students! That was my lesson: when you feel good about something and are passionately involved, things have a way of growing naturally. That's how I feel about my position leading and growing Savor's New Jersey chapter! 

    What is your zone of genius? 

    I adore people, so bonding with others and developing relationships is definitely in my zone of genius. I'm also very skilled, experienced and intuitive as a business coach, especially when giving guidance on challenging relationships with employees, landlords or partners. And, since I very easily enroll people in things that I'm excited about, sales has always been in my 'zone'. 

    What advice would you give to someone who wants to discover their zone of genius, or to turn their zone of genius into a 7 figure business?

    You know you are in your Zone of Genius when you feel like you are flying. You feel energized or peaceful afterward. Sometimes it's worth it to invest in group coaching or a professional consultant. I promise... living in your zone of genius will set you free!

    To turn your zone of genius into a 7-figure business, here are a few pieces of advice:

    • Do what you love or sometimes "Fix something you're mad about" 
    • Have a solid mathematical business model designed for significant profit
    • Find a serious market that needs your service or product
    • Stay in your zone and delegate the rest

    Tell us about your daily rituals; what do you do to get motivated for the day? How do you keep up your momentum and accomplish your daily goals?

    I center myself first thing in the morning by reading something inspiring: a quote, a short meditation, or a paragraph or two in a motivational book.

    To solidfy what I've learned, I also explore what I've read in a journal entry. I speak for 15 minutes with an accountability buddy. I discuss my writing and tell her what my food plan is for the day, because overeating is my biggest weakness and I work hard every day to keep that in check.

    I also exercise, even if it's just a walk around the block. I have an army of support for exercise, including a friend texting me each morning to move it! It's an amazing accountability system that keeps me going, even on those days where I'm not feeling up for it.

    After these practices, I'm ready to take care of my family and my businesses.

    What is your main mission for yourself and your business? How did you discover it?

    For my music education businesses, the goal is to honor music and the arts as equal and necessary disciplines for the brain. I already have two music schools in central New Jersey. The goal is to open two or three performing arts preschools and own a commercial building in the next three to four years.

    For my coaching business, Time Millionaire, the main mission is to help end business owners' suffering by showing them where they have taken on too much responsibility. I free up the owner to do only their highest-dividend activities, and I energize the workers and the whole team. So, it's good for the owner and the entire company. Eventually I want to be on TV doing my Time Millionaire coaching, too.

    What do you see for yourself, your business, and your dreams in the future?
    For my personal life, I see that I'm still in love with my husband, and cherishing my daughter. I'm living a balanced, serene and happy life.

    For the music school, I'll have my own building, plenty of profit and the flexibility to open more or sell my various locations as I choose.

    And my over-arching dream is that I have infused energy and peace in hundreds and hundreds of businesses through my Time Millionaire books, TV appearances and speaking.

    Do you have a special offer you'd like to give Savor members?
    I'm offering a free one-hour Time Millionaire strategy session to the first eight (8) Savor members who get in touch! First come, first served. Must schedule by 1/18.

    Please call my office assistant Susan at (732) 580-6098 to schedule.

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