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    Woman of the Week: Nika Stewart of

    March 29, 2012

    I have had the privilege of getting to know Nika Stewart of better this year and have been astounded by the speed in which she builds a business and gets it profitable in a short period of time.

    What do I admire about this Woman of the Week? She's got a brilliant business mind that is laser-sharp, rational, clear, organized, and downright sassy. 

    Read on to see why we chose Nika to be Savor's Woman of the Week. She has a unique ability to pivot as needed in business, draw from her support team, and have a lot of fun while she's at it. 

    Oh, and we scored a couple of goodies for all of you!

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    • Premium Members, watch her recent Savor NYC talk: Social Media Makeover: 12 Ways to Attract More Followers (scroll down to the bottom of the blog to watch). The reason we love ADORE Nika - and the reason you will fall in love with this woman - starts around 14:52. :) Savor and enjoy!

    1. What's your story? How did you get started?

    From event planner to interior designer to social media marketer, the one element that has always been consistent in my career is entrepreneurship. I have never had a "real" job.  Whenever people talk about their former corporate lives and say, "Well, you know how corporate is!", I have to say, "No. I don't know how corporate is." 

    Except I know enough to know that I never want it. :)

    Right after I graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Psychology, I started a party and event planning business. Within a few years, this morphed into an interior design company. The biggest change in my career (and in my life!) came when my little joy, Ellie, was born in 2005. My priorities instantly changed and so did my business.

    Practically overnight, I transformed from interior designer to a marketing coach for interior designers. This enabled me to spend the time I needed with my daughter, while still building a viable business. After growing my company and creating a suite of information products, I launched the "Laptop Mom," a philosophy that promotes a healthy work-life balance for women. And last year, I partnered with my husband, Rob, to found, a company that creates and manages social media campaigns for small businesses.

    One of the reasons GhostTweetingTM is growing so quickly is because both Rob and I are totally passionate about entrepreneurship. We thrive on partnering with other entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through social media. My favorite part of this venture is hearing feedback from our clients. While pursuing my own dreams, I get to help other people reach their dreams, as well. What could be better than that?

    2. What was one of the biggest obstacles you faced when starting your own business? What advice would you give to a woman facing the same or similar obstacles right now?

    The biggest obstacle I faced was thinking I had to do it all on my own. This is a mindset I still have to manage - 22 years later! But no big success is ever attained alone. We all need support. We all need encouragement - AND a solo business owner can't be good at everything. 

    Work on your brilliance, and find ways to delegate the rest. Your success will come a lot quicker, and you'll have a LOT more fun on the journey.

    3. How did you fund your business?

    I built my event planning business while I still lived at home with my parents - right after college. In the beginning, I was selling services, so my only expense was advertising. I started small. Most of the money I earned went right back into the business. Each business I've started subsequently was funded by the previous one.

    4. Is there one person in your life you found to be the most supportive during your start-up, and even now?

    I couldn't have started my first business without my parents' support - both emotionally and financially.  My dad loves entrepreneurial ventures, and he would even show up often at my events (especially the karaoke nights, where he could have a beer and watch me sing).  And even though my mom never quite got the whole entrepreneur thing (she really wished I would just get a stable 9 - 5 job with benefits), she was always there when I needed her. 

    My biggest fan, though, is Rob, my soul partner, husband, and daddy to my little angel. By the way, my parents no longer suggest that I get a "real" job. :)

    5. What is yo
    ur ultimate goal for your company?

    We envision building a Social Media Empire, where we are helping thousands of small businesses create and manage exciting and profitable social media campaigns.  This is aligned perfectly with the Laptop Mom philosophy of leveraging resources to enjoy freedom and flexibility.  With GhostTweetingTM, we are helping people create more freedom by outsourcing this vital part of their marketing, allowing them to reach more people, grow their businesses, and spend more time doing the things they love.

    6. In one word characterize your life as an entrepreneur.


    7. If you are having a rough day at work, is there anything that can instantly turn your day around? How do you recover from a tough day?

    My family! Talking to Rob or hugging Ellie will instantly turn my day around. But sometimes I just need to escape to my bedroom and veg out with a book or mindless TV for a few hours.

    8. What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

    I wanted to own a boutique (the U-Nika Boutique-a), where I sold my personally designed clothing in the front, and did massage in the back, singing to people - in French - while solving their problems. There was no Internet back then.

    9. What's your bigger mission in life?

    To live a life that inspires other people and empowers them to design their own lives - based on what THEY want.  Make conscious choices in every moment, see the silver lining, and live life by your own unique design!

    10. What is the most valuable thing you have learned from Savor? How has it helped you?

    FOCUS!  My businesses have all done fine, but I've never had such accelerated growth as I've had since being lovingly forced to choose ONE thing to focus on.  GhostTwettingTM has grown faster than anything else I've done, and I owe that to my intense, dedicated focus.

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    Premium Members, watch Nika's recent Savor NYC talk: Social Media Makeover: 12 Ways to Attract More Followers. Remember to perk up at around 14:52. :) Enjoy!

    Angela Jia Kim is a woman entrepreneur advocate, organic lifestyle guru, doting mom, New York City (not house)wife, and author-in-the-making.

    She uses her organic skincare business, Om Aroma, to empower and inspire other business owners by openly sharing mistakes (the kind most sweep under the rug) and lessons learned (the kind most keep as secrets to get ahead).

    She believes that building business is directly tied to self growth, that it takes a village to raise a business, and that your business is meant to serve the life you want to live. 

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