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    Woman of the Week: Payson Cooper Says "Build Your Tribe"

    November 29, 2012

    Payson Cooper has a penchant and passion for authentic marketing strategies and big dreams. Now she helps her clients achieve successful marketing techniques that bring out the best they have to offer.

    But Payson's career path has brought her from corporate settings to jewlery making, and more; with no short of adventure and exploration in her work, Payson shares with us how she continues to bring that spirit to her current business without the fear, pain, and upset that accompanied her in earlier transitions, sometimes even paralyzing her where she stood.

    So what was her resolve? How did she get through the fear and grow a successful business? Read on to find out what kept this amazing entrepreneur on her path to success!

    What inspires you?

    Nature, creativity, love, beauty, music, people living their dreams. I work at making sure there is inspiration in every day. I became an entrepreneur to create a life that is inspired, joyful, full of opportunity, choice and freedom.

    I take moments every day to incorporate some form of inspiration - whether that's a walk in Central Park or taking 10 minutes out of the day to dance and sing to a few favorite songs - it shifts and moves the energy and let's me come back to work with a high spirit, energized, full of motivation and inspiration. 

    When you catch yourself slipping, how do you stop from sabotaging yourself and your business?

    I have an 'Oh Sh*t' list. :-)

    It's something I have all of my clients create. It's a list of things you know help you get your head back on straight, but that you will likely forget to use when the 'crap' hits the fan. Some of the things on my list include calling one of my inner circle friends - someone I know will give me the space to express myself without going into the darkness with me, going for a walk, meditating, dancing like a maniac for a few minutes.

    The most important thing though is, again, your network and your inner circle. You need to have people you trust to tell you the truth when you are sabotaging, and you need to be open and willing to receive that information. If you're not, people won't feel safe sharing it with you, and the places where we can't see how we are limiting ourselves, our blind spots, are the most dangerous quicksand we face. You want to make sure you have good, strong, supportive help all around you. And, of course, you want to return the favor for those people in your inner circle to.

    How did you fund your business? 

    When I left my job I had sold some property and had a chunk of change in the bank. It was one of the reasons I chose to leave when I did - it just made sense to invest it in my now, instead of holding onto it for some 'maybe' future.

    What is one gold nugget of advice that you can give Savor entrepreneurs?

    Build or find a community. It's the single most important thing I can recommend for anyone, and one of the most important aspects of Savor for me. The women are wonderful, supportive, brilliant and so generous. The group has made all the difference in the world to my life and to my business.

    As I mentioned, the career change sparked some big upsets for me and I became very fearful; at times that fear was paralyzing. But fear can only be paralyzing when it's hiding in the backdrop, so once it came to light I was able to see it and address it. Honestly, that's a large part of where a community like Savor is a life saver. My savor sisters are able to give me the straight talk about what i'm doing, or not doing, that may be holding me back. It's been huge to have a community to support me in that way especially.

    Where do you see yourself and your business ten years from now?

    I see myself as an accomplished author and speaker, sharing information about building businesses and creating lives that inspire and fulfill people. I expect to have several best-selling books that are really helping people in the areas that I think matter most - living a life full of joy and love, whatever that looks like for them. I also look toward having large circles of people who are participating in programs designed to hep them achieve what they want.


    Was there something in your childhood that influenced what you are doing today?

    My favorite things in the world were dressing up, dancing and singing on the coffee table in the living room. That dancing and singing were about being on stage, performing.. and now, as someone who speaks from the stage and shares information, I would say yes. I also feel like the dynamics of my family played a big role in me choosing to become an entrepreneur and in the type of work I've gone into.

    My mother was an entrepreneur and ran her own business in New York City for the first 16 years of my life, and quick-thinking and analytical skills were highly prized in my family, so those are things I enjoy and am adept at applying to my business and my client's businesses.

    Who do you consider to be one of the most successful women in history, or currently? What do you think women entrepreneurs can learn from her?

    Oprah is one of the most successful women in history, and it's a wonderful thing to be contemporary with her. Women entrepreneurs can learn so much from her...  Just a few that have meant a lot to me... her incredible tenacity and perseverance and her insatiable curiosity. Those are qualities I believe are essential to being a successful entrepreneur. You must have the tenacity and perseverance to continue, even when things don't seem to be turning out the way you may have hoped or expected, and you need to be curious about everything - it indicates an open mind and a willingness to continue to learn. When we fix our minds about things, we miss so much opportunity.

    Do you have an exclusive offer you'd like to give the Savor community?

    I'd love to share the upcoming Marketing in the MorningTM program, where you can learn the secrets to super-successful marketing that helps you get clients, build your business and create cash-flow. I've got a special deal for Premium Members to get access to this program -- just message me for more info!

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