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    Introducing Bryn Johnson

    October 6, 2011

    Thrilled beyond words to step into this blog space and connect with all of you Savor Ladies in my weekly post.

    What to expect from me and my blog time?

    Lots of thoughts fueled by lots of coffee. Many ideas about having more fun in our businesses. Networking/Connecting discussions. NYC stories. Strategies for incorporating “big business” ideas into our fabulous small businesses.


    Seems like the best place to start in this first blog post would be a bit of an introduction. I’ll start by answering a question I am asked often:

    Q: Bryn, what made you leave a successful corporate career for the entrepreneurial life?

    A: The little voice at baggage claim

    I know. That will need a little more explanation.

    In Spring of 2009 I was swirling. Spinning. In life and career. I was coming off the “worst” year of my life (which I now see as an absolute blessing in so many ways) and was sitting with a pending divorce with huge emotional stresses, a new apartment and life in a completely new neighborhood in NYC, financial worries, utter undeniable grief from three deaths of very close family members and a major health crisis. While all this was swirling around me, I was managing (very successfully I might add) the biggest, most visible project of my 20-year career.

    Of course I was. I am sure you “super women” out there can relate. It was madness. Such madness that I could not really even see it. I just kept pushing forward-“business-style” as I refer to it. Exhausted. My thought: When this all calms down I will take care of myself. (I do not need to tell you how crazy that is!)

    My role in corporate at the time was Director of Consulting at A dream position in a forward-thinking company filled with remarkable people. I loved my job.  In this role, I spent my days (and nights) creating opportunities for the top companies in the world to use technology and social media to recruit more effectively. I led an amazing creative team. 20-40 times a year I got to evangelize about recruiting and technology for 8 hours in a hotel ballroom to 300-400 recruiters. All the “right elements” for me were present: motivation, influence, connection, team, fun, platform, visible projects, thought-leadership, expert status, and opportunity to shape future direction.

    Cut to the end of my not particularly relaxing vacation, Spring 2009. I am waiting at baggage claim at JFK. My Blackberry rings. It is my boss (who I adore). Although it is the end of my vacation, I need to get on an emergency call with the CEO in 10 minutes.  In that call we are told, like most large firms in NYC at the time, our 401K matching was on hold, increases for our teams were frozen and there would be no incentive pay or stock options for the foreseeable future.

    1st thought: This is going to kill my team. I need to break this to them immediately.

    2nd thought: At least we are not laying people off yet.

    3rd thought: Hmmm… my entire compensation package is based on performance incentive and stock. I really do not make much $$ per year in this moment.


    Bryn, you could make this kind of money on your own. Why wouldn’t you just step out and do your own thing? Now is your chance to have your OWN brand and not be the clamored-for front person to yet another corporate brand. It is time for a change. It is time to stop spinning.

    The little voice left as quickly as it arrived. But everything had changed in that moment. The wheels were turning. Eight months later I left and started my own business and never ever regretted it.

    Of course there is more story in there from that 8 months. Additional moments of decision, stepping into my power, crazy choices, tears, laughter and finding my way which I would be happy to share in the weeks to come. I find hearing the particulars of people’s stories really help me to make decisions about my own life and business. And I am nothing if not a “pull the veil off and be vulnerable” sort of gal.

    But it really did start in that moment. With that little voice. 

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