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    3 Lessons From Guest Blogging

    July 30, 2012

    I recently guest posted for The International Freelancers Academy on How To Get Business From People You Already Know.

    The article itself is on a topic near and dear to me and CRITICAL to building a six-figure business and beyond. However, the story behind the guest blog also illustrates some key business-building lessons:

    Use HARO

    I first got in touch with the IFA because of a HARO (Help A Reporter) query asking for strategies around Likeability and Getting Clients. If you aren't using HARO yet, it's a must for publicity, but also for meeting interesting people. Even when my response isn't used, I am sometimes contacted later by the same reporter for another query. Or I am added to that reporter's database and contacted even when I don't pitch. Or I start up an interesting dialogue with the reporter on issues outside of just PR.

    Go where your ideal clients are

    So I struck up an online dialogue with Ed Gandia, the writer of that post for IFA and also its founder. Since I wanted to do more coaching with entrepreneurs specifically, the IFA would be an ideal place for me to guest blog. Therefore, once I gave Ed what he needed for his piece, I inquired about guest blogging. Be on the lookout for opportunities like guest blogging to put yourself in front of your ideal clients. Be mindful that as your clients change (I've migrated from traditional executives to entrepreneurs) this might mean your marketing must change.

    Use what you already have

    I write for several outlets already so I wasn't trying to create extra work for myself. Instead I tailored work I had already done - I speak and write a lot about networking already - for the IFA audience. Yes, I still had to refine to fit with the guest blog guidelines. I also put some effort into tailoring for the freelance reader specifically. Finally, know that your readers who are fans will likely read all of your stuff, not just pieces for particular blogs, so I made sure to include some new items in this piece. Still, by using what I already knew very well and had written about in multiple ways before, I definitely cut down my work time.

    Bonus tip: in guest blogging for the IFA, I am promoting myself to their audience, but also promoting them to mine. Think about hosting guest blogs on your site. You'll get content for your own site and someone excited to promote it to their network.

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