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    Lessons From Seth Godin

    May 21, 2012

    After years of following his blogs and reading his books, I had the privilege of hearing Seth Godin live last week. This was close to 6 hours of just Seth (with some fun musical interludes) talking about trends, marketing, education and non-profit ideas, and answering audience questions. I posted 26 of my Seth Godin favorites in my SixFigureStart blog, but here are my favorite of the favorites, with some coaching questions I asked myself that you may want to ask of your business:

    (On fundraising) You need to make it an even exchange. You need to welcome people spending their money

    Do I feel like my products and services are an even exchange for the money I am asking people to spend? Am I comfortable with people spending money? Am I comfortable with people spending money on what I offer?

    It's hard to create demand. You want to sell water to thirsty people, not create thirst, though you can still remind them they are thirsty

    Do I know what my audience needs? Do I remind them of their need and of my solutions?

    When you chop a tree, you need 6 chops to knock it down, not 1 chop on 6 different trees. You may still be disappointed but it's better than flitting around

    What tree do I need to finish chopping? Where should I focus? What should I drop?

    When you ask a tactical question, you're really asking, "Can you promise me this is going to work?" (Seth consistently reminded us that lots of things we try won't work)

    Where am I hesitating? Where do I need more courage?

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