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    Ten Tips To Get Media Attention For Your Business

    September 28, 2012

    In the past two weeks, I made my Fox Business debut I was quoted on CNN, in the Amex OPEN Forum, and in US News. I was even featured on a Turkish news channel. Here’s what has worked for me in getting press for my business:

    Use HARO.

    It is hands-down the best source for PR leads. Journalists I have met via HARO have then contacted me directly outside of HARO once we’ve established a relationship.

    Respond quickly.

    If you can respond within an hour, the journalist will remember that.

    Be available.

    Fox had a last-minute cancellation, and I was available with 24-hour notice. The producer really appreciated that and has already asked me to return next month.

    Be clear about who you are.

    I don’t use my official title (Partner, SixFigureStart) because it doesn’t tell you anything. Depending on the story, I use career coach, career expert, former recruiter, author…Whatever I use, however, it is always super short.


    Be credible.

    In as few words as possible, establish why you are suitable to speak on this topic. I mention that I’ve hired thousands of people for Fortune 500 companies.

    Help the journalist outside of your story.

    Post their articles to your blog and social media groups. Refer helpful sources.

    Don’t be afraid to mix business and pleasure.

    My producer at CBS said she remembered me because of my stand-up comedy. It wasn’t something I pitched to her (see concise and credible points above!) but it came out in our small talk and helped us develop rapport.

    Get referred.

    Referrals are not just for jobs and sales, but also for media attention. I was referred to Fox by one of their regular guest experts.

    Mention other press.

    When you pitch for a story, include a hyperlink to previous mentions. Media colleagues can establish credibility for you faster than you can yourself. I got to CNN because they saw me in their sister publication, Money. I was already pre-vetted in their eyes.

    Stay in touch.

    I regularly contact journalists in my network to let them know of things I see trending. I pitch story ideas. If I know them well, I invite them to my comedy shows. I use a mix of professional and personal reasons to get in touch and stay front of mind.

    How will you build media efforts into your schedule? How will you describe who you are and what you do? How will you quickly and concisely establish your credibility? How could your networking efforts better support your media strategy?

    Caroline Ceniza-Levine helps people build fulfilling and financially-rewarding businesses, as the co-founder of SixFigureStart®A serial entrepreneur, Caroline is also a founding partner at indie film producer FBC Films and a founding member of the comedy troupe Comic Diversity.

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