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    Being a Body in Motion

    June 2, 2009

    I need to ‘fess up. 

    I have a gigantic case of galloping inertia.  I don't feel like doing anything.  Except sleeping. 

    I spent weeks running at 100 miles a minute getting ready for the play that I was in.  So, I neglected other things. 

    Now, I'm not talking about not working.  I've been doing work as it comes in.  I'm not talking about my kids or my home either (though, admittedly, my floors and bathrooms could really use a cleaning).  I've been taking care of them as well. 

    But I've been falling behind on all of the other things that I need to be doing.  Bad, bad me. 

    Self flagellation aside, I've really been slacking.  I haven't blogged here or at my legal blog in weeks.  I haven't posted on any discussion boards in a long while.  My filing backlog is astronomical.  Even my Twitter use has dwindled. 

    Here's the big problem though.

    It's not that I'm not doing these things because I don't have time or that I don't know that they need to be done.  I know that they do and I could make the time if I wanted to. 

    Problem is... I can't seem to get started.  I don't really know why. 

    I started thinking about it (which I'm certain is part of my problem).  So, if my problem is inertia, maybe I need to look there.  After some reflection, I've decided that it's Newton's First Law (science law folks, not legal) that's holding me back.

    You know Newton's first law, even if you don't remember it.  You learned it in elementary school science class.  It's also called the Law of Inertia. 

    To paraphrase, it says that a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. 

    It's a science theory, but I've decided think it applies to life in general. 

    It's why it's easier to stay on a diet than to start one; easier to continue exercising than to start exercising; and easier to keep working than to come back from a vacation and have to start up again.

    While knowing (and admitting) that I have a problem is certainly the first step, I'm going to need a whole bunch of steps to make the kind of force that will enable me to get over the inertia.  Newton says so. 

    And though he's an old, dead guy, I'm going to believe him. 

    Not to worry.  I've come up with a plan.  It's not a new idea really, but it's always been one of my favorites.  

    Have you ever heard someone say, "fake it ‘til you make it"?  In case you haven't, I'll explain.  It's a mental game. 

    I'm going to pretend that I don't have inertia.  I've come up with a three step plan to get over it and I'm going to keep at it until I don't have inertia anymore. 

    Here's my plan to become a body in motion:

        1.   Become Accountable - Well, I'm doing that right here.  I'm telling people what I'm doing so that I can't stop doing what I say I'm doing (ok, well, not without feeling badly about it).

        2.   Set Out A Plan - I'm listing a few things that I'm going to do on a regular basis to get over my inertia.  Some of these are:

      1. Write a legal blog once a week by Thursday;
      2. Write a STS blog once a week by Tuesday;
      3. Make at least one post on discussion boards every morning before breakfast;
      4. Spend one hour each Monday doing paperwork (filing, bills, etc.);
      5. Spend at least thirty minutes each day exercising (not including walking four miles to pick up my son every day from school);
      6. Make one organizational change every day to make my life run more efficiently; and
      7. Participate in more networking groups to increase my visibility.

       3.   Do It - No more excuses.  I'm starting today.  No joke.  I have to get past this.  My family counts on me.  I don't have another option.

    And here I go.  I'll give you updates and let you know how it's going.  

    If anyone wants to join me on my Inertia Challenge, I'm happy to have company.  That could be Step 4 (though, upon thinking about it, I'd have to put it under Step 1).  Have company on your journey.  It helps with accountability.... 

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