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E-Business Law Group / Just1Group - Managing Partner/ Principal and CEO
Yardley, PA

    Making Mistakes Makes You Smarter... If It Doesn't Kill You First.

    August 25, 2009

    Hey, the only way we learn is by making mistakes.  Ok, well, that's not exactly true.  You CAN learn by following someone's example that already made the mistake, but if you're anything like me, you never do that...

    Do I get stuff wrong?

    Heck, yes.  All the darn time.

    You think I'm smart?  I'm not.  I've just made a TON of mistakes... LOL!  And I'm still making them.

    I'm so darn stubborn that I even make mistakes that I would advise my clients not to make.  Like the mistake that I made this week. 

    I advise people about how to choose the right lawer.  I even wrote a whole blog post on the topic

    So, what did I do when I wanted to find a lawyer to handle the real estate closing for the sale of my apartment?  Did I follow my own advice? 

    Do you really have to ask?

    Of course not.

    I let my husband ask a friend for a recommendation and went forward without doing any additional checking.  Sometimes, I'm really dumb.

    We were supposed to close Monday.  But no.  We all got there and my attorney had forgotten to get crucial documents from our mortgage lender in time.  It was bush league.

    I could have let this transaction continue.  We could reschedule when my attorney got her act together and we'd eventually close.  But I try to learn from my mistakes.

    So, I've fired my attorney (since I don't want to go into details, but it was a VERY unprofessional transaction) and I've decided that I'll handle the closing. 


    Because if someone who doesn't know what they're doing is going to do my closing, it had better be for free... 

    And next time, I'm going to be smart and follow my own advice.

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