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    On a roll... and I'm not even a hoagie.

    September 12, 2008

    This week, I've been doing an unintentional experiment.  It's not one I ever intended to try, but my level of swamped this week has kept me from doing any of my usual marketing. 

    The first thing that you have to understand about my marketing plan is that most of my marketing efforts are centered on the dozen or so small business forums that I post at on a daily basis.  I've done this pretty much every day for two months or so. 

    I answer general legal questions and often have to talk people out of some very dumb ideas.  No, really.  In fact, I post here on the STS legal café too.  (Got a question?  Ask.  I'm happy to help.)

    The continual posting has won me quite a few clients and some good traffic to my website.  As an added bonus, those posts often inspire my blog posts at my legal blog, the Blog of Burgess.   

    More importantly, I've been recognized (both by reputation and by actual endorsements) on several of the larger forums as someone who offers good, useful advice.  And other than making me feel good, it's been paramount in developing my reputation.  And for a lawyer, reputation is everything.

    As an aside, did you know that most law firms don't advertise at all?  No real marketing whatsoever.  Almost ALL of their business is word of mouth.  Man, I'd love to get to that point.

    But back to the topic at hand.  So, I haven't been able to post on any forums for nearly a week.  And my traffic hasn't suffered.  At all.  How odd is that?

    Ok, well I've tweeted (you can follow me here).  And I've posted here once (well, now twice) and once on Blog of Burgess.

    Maybe I've reached critical mass.  Maybe I need to be posting in other forums to increase my traffic.  Personally, I think it's because two really respected gentlemen endorsed me to the entire forum on one of the biggest forums that I post at over the past week.  I have no idea...

    All I really know is it seems that I'm on a roll... And, for today at least, I'm happy about that...

    Goal: To launch my law firm and raise my kids without losing my mind.

    Goal Date: February 2009

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