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    Ensuring a Sparkling, Relaxed and Joyful Entrance (into the holiday social scene!)

    December 11, 2011

    Ah, December…the excitement of the holiday season, festive decorations, seasonal smells in the air.  Are you a social butterfly who is the life of the party or do you feel like a wall flower; sitting on the sidelines?  Last week, we discussed how to gift gracefully… this week, we’ll be taking that one step further and going to the party! Get ready to shine brightly and celebrate in style-YOUR style!


    1.  What to wear: It’s time to be a bit more sparkly! Your wardrobe should include some basics that feel comfortable and are flattering-so you can focus on the party and the people, relax and have a good time! I have a pair of black satin palazzo pants that can be topped with a beautiful jacket, special sweater or a sleeveless beaded top. I pick up unique pieces when I see them (especially when I find them on sale!) and can wear them year after year. Pick classics rather than trends. Ruelala.com has wonderful options as does jpeterman.com. Add a pair of holiday shoes, some swingy earrings and a pretty bracelet and you’re good to go!


    2.  Arrive fit and energized:  I organize my schedule so I work out consistently…and on a party day, I am especially sure to hydrate myself well and eat a snack before I go. Attacking the buffet will make you hate yourself later! Wishing you were a couple sizes smaller? We’ll talk about that in future blogs…for now-make good choices and enjoy yourself! Soaking up the atmosphere and meeting new people is far preferable to moping in a corner because you ate too many twinkies last month. So here’s what you do: Take small portions at buffets-you can always go back-and eat slowly. Limit alcohol, so you are always in control. I like to alternate water and a glass of wine or add sparkling water to make a spritzer-still festive, but lower in strength and calories!


    3. Dazzle them with your brilliance! I always offer ahead of time to help the hostess…she may demure at first, but will be happy when you show up with a dish and roll up your sleeves in the kitchen (unless it’s catered!). Introduce yourself to the host family and any guests of honor. Remember that everyone (yes, everyone!) feels a bit nervous at parties…they are grateful when you talk with them and help them through that initial awkward stage. I keep talk of business to a minimum; being sure to let someone else bring up the subject. Check out the headlines before you leave the house so you are prepared to participate in discussions on current events.

     This week’s challenge:


    1.  Make a spreadsheet (you can do this hand-written if you want in case you aren’t technical!) and list all the parties by date. Then, plan what you will wear to each one, making sure that if some guests will be at more than one party, you aren’t wearing the same outfit to both of those. Many times, you can get multiple uses out of one killer outfit and no one will be the wiser! (Be sure to accept the compliments and don’t share your secret!). Now, do you need to bring a hostess gift, grab bag or pot luck dish? Plan your shopping and cooking/baking now on your calendar, so you are prepared. Did you get a new day planner as suggested in last week’s blog? It may have December in it…if not, use this year’s (2011) calendar (you can print off the month of December from online) and input all events and details so you make sure that you don’t double-book (or you may want to hit two parties in one evening…why not?). Make multiple batches of your signature treat and you’re all set for hostess gifts!


    2.  Arrive on time and prepared: Hydrate and have a small snack before you go. Be sure you are wearing something in which you feel both comfortable and dazzling. Prepare your hostess gift or potluck dish the night before (putting a note by the front door reminding you to get it out of the fridge!). Write down the address on a Post-it and put in your day planner so you can easily input it into your GPS (or look up exactly how to get to it and map out the subway/bus/train route).


    3.  Set a goal or two for each event: Do you want to meet someone new? Try a new food? Reach out to someone?  Practice remembering names? Parties are terrific places to network…as long as you aren’t “selling”! People want to do business with someone they know and trust…so make a good impression by being warm, speaking clearly, using good manners and really connecting with everyone whom you meet. Follow up with a thank you to the hostess and a nice note (handwritten is best but not always possible) to anyone new you met with whom you exchanged cards. While they may not always respond, you’ve shown good manners and they WILL remember you the next time your paths cross.


    Next week I’ll cover how to “prepave” for a flawless holiday flow; with positive thinking, natural, warm reactions and good healthy boundaries regarding who to spend time with (and who NOT) as well as exercise and eating strategies.


    Ellen Thomas, founder of Your Transformation Coach, is passionately dedicated to helping people live their authentic life NOW. Her philosophy: Why wait? Every moment of your life has significance. Don’t waste another second not experiencing the true meaning in your life! A military spouse with an MBA in International Marketing, she is multi-lingual, an avid runner and loves to travel. She currently lives near Stuttgart, Germany with her husband Michael and canine running coach Bella. Catch a sneak peak of her upcoming webinar Ten Keys for Living Outside of the Box here.


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