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    Having the Right Mindset…Can it Help You Harness the Powerful Creator Within?

    January 12, 2012

    *  Do you believe in fate or possibilities?

    Is your glass half-full or half-empty?


    How are you doing so far with your resolutions? Let's see...it's two weeks into January, the first month of the year. Have you given up or are you stumbling along?

    We all know that it feels better to laugh and be full of joy...so what can we do to tip the scales in our favor?

    1.  Be present; in the NOW as Eckhart Tolle says.  What are you thinking about? Do you dwell on the past or plan for the future; expecting a positive outcome?

    2.  Reprogram your thoughts with affirmations. Say them over and over and believe that they are already true. The Universe will create the reality.

    3.  Leverage tools: Use Vision boards, mind movies, a written vision to enhance and speed up the process.  We all learn and connect differently...so take massive action by using multiple tools and you won’t leave anything on the table....

    Anything that was ever created, started out as a simple thought.

    Soooo, what are you thinking?

    Please share your questions and comments below. I’d love to support you in any way that I can!

    Ellen Thomas, founder of Your Transformation Coach, is passionately dedicated to helping people live their authentic life NOW. Her philosophy: Why wait? Every moment of your life has significance. Don’t waste another second not experiencing the true meaning in your life! A military spouse with an MBA in International Marketing, she is multi-lingual, an avid runner and loves to travel. She currently lives near Stuttgart, Germany with her husband Michael and canine running coach Bella. Catch a sneak peak of her upcoming webinar Ten Keys for Living Outside of the Box here.



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