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    Making Perfect Weight and Optimal Health Effortless, Part 3; Tending Your Internal Fire

    February 29, 2012

    Step 3: Give your body the correct fuel so it can burn efficiently

    Who wants to be energized, lean, fit and even-tempered? It doesn’t have to be complicated at all!  Stoke the fire and fan the flames…starting with a plan.

    Bear in mind that I am just touching the tip of the iceberg. As I mentioned in the last blog, it’s virtually impossible for us normal folk to get it all from food… Being that I am such a fan of delegation, why not get the basics from a trusted source to save time and effort (and money!)? This way you are sure that no matter what you eat that day and no matter where your day takes you, you’ve got nutrition covered. Whew!

    While there are countless manufacturers out there, be sure your supplements are food-form and pharmaceutical grade. Most supplements are not in a form that your body can digest, so they pass right through you or take precious energy to break down and assimilate; leaving you droopy rather than zippy. Yuck. Nutrients in food-form are recognized as food rather than rocks and shale, so your body knows what to do with them. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

    Vitamins, Minerals and other supplements are necessary components of a healthy diet. Since our bodies either do not make them, or we do not make enough of them, they are considered essential nutrients (this means we are not at out best without adding them as fuel).

    They are essential for normal body functions like cell growth, blood cell production, hormone and enzyme synthesis, energy metabolism, and proper functionioning of body systems, including the immune system, nervous system, circulatory system, and reproductive system.

    Let’s start here:


    1.     Eat your fruits and veggies! You can get these in a bar, powder or capsule. (or juice! Are you near a juice bar or do you have the time to juice yourself)? I get my greens, fruits and veggies from a bar I eat mid-morning and also take a powder that has 92 nutrients to start my day).

    2.    Protein power!  Supplement with a good powder and/or bar. Studies show that a breakfast full of proteins helps in synthesizing information more than any other type of meal. Another study by researcher Nikhil V. Dhurandhar, PhD, had overweight women eat either a bagel or 2 eggs for breakfast 5 times a week for 8 weeks (equal in calories) and found women who ate the eggs lost 65% more weight by the end of the study.

    3.    Catch some rays! Yes, you can get Vitamin D from the sun, but you should also be supplementing. New benefits are still being discovered for this important nutrient. You can expect longer life (reduction in death from all causes), fewer diseases, stronger bones and muscles, fewer infections, less depression, pain and inflammation.

    Bottom line, the human body needs certain nutrients to function properly. Without them, it will be sluggish, overweight and toxic. Be sure to give your body what it needs so it can do the job is supposed to do! Next week I’ll cover a few more important nutrients.

    What do you do to make sure you are giving your body the right fuel?  Can’t wait to hear! Please share your thoughts and/or ask your questions below or email me at ellen@yourtransformationcoach.com.

    Ellen Thomas is the founder of Your Transformation Coach and is passionately dedicated to helping people live their authentic life NOW. Her philosophy: Why wait? Every moment of your life has significance. Don’t waste another second not experiencing the true meaning in your life!  A military spouse with an MBA in International Marketing, she is multilingual, an avid runner and loves to travel. She currently lives near Stuttgart, Germany with her husband Michael and canine running coach Bella. Catch a sneak peak of her upcoming webinar, Ten Keys for Living Outside of the Box here.


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