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    The Missing Link: Manage your Attention and Achieve your Goals!

    April 23, 2012

    Ever wish you knew the missing ingredient that is keeping you from achieving your goals? Could it be connected to the fact that most of us are constantly stopping to measure our success? But what could be wrong with that? We need to know where we are, right? Yes…but it turns out that putting too much attention on where you AREN’T, rather than on where you want to be, is most people's downfall. When we turn our focus on what we don’t want, guess what happens? We get what we don’t want. The Universe does what we ask!


    So, how do we change the outcome and get the results we want? It’s not actually that complicated; it’s just a tweak where you are putting your attention. When you notice that you are thinking about what you DON’T want, acknowledge it (without placing blame, thus adding more negative energy), and shift to thinking about what you DO want. The Universe will respond by sending you all sorts of synchronicities to help you along the way…but it is up to you to notice them and to leverage them to get where you want to go. Think of them as little signposts or breadcrumbs that illuminate your path. Next week, I’ll share some tips on how to easily shift your focus.


    How do you monitor your achievements? What would you like to be doing differently? How will you accomplish that? Can't wait to hear! Please share your thoughts below or email me at ellen@yourtransformationcoach.com.



    Ellen Thomas, founder of Your Transformation Coach, is passionately dedicated to helping people live their authentic life NOW. Her philosophy: Why wait? Every moment of your life has significance. Don’t waste another second not experiencing the true meaning in your life! A military spouse with an MBA in International Marketing, she is multi-lingual, an avid runner and loves to travel. She currently lives near Stuttgart, Germany with her husband Michael and canine running coach Bella. Catch a sneak peak of her upcoming webinar Ten Keys for Living Outside of the Box here.

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