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    Time for (Relationship) Spring Cleaning?

    May 29, 2012

    Last week I challenged you to notice those to whom you are drawn…because it is those relationships that happen due to strong synchronicities and have the potential (IF we let them) to be life-changing! If we pay attention to our inner voice, the Universe, God; whatever we personally call this higher power, then our lives will flow so much more naturally, successfully and joyfully. So, did you take up the challenge? How did that go for you?


    The family into which we were born (or into which we married) isn’t always what we might have chosen. Those relationships that we have chosen ourselves should be authentic: based on trust, self-respect and be filled with joy. They should raise you up to a higher vibrational frequency and help you to be a better person. If your relationships can’t be described this way, perhaps it is time to step back and reevaluate them.


    This week, I challenge you to notice the foundations upon which your relationships are built. Are they satisfying? Do they make you happy? Are they fair and equal? Are they truly authentic? Bottom line:Do you trust each person to have your best interest in mind always (even if it isn’t the outcome you might have chosen…since they want the best for you…they might see something you don’t)?


    Is it time to “spring clean” your relationships? What would you like to be doing differently? How will you accomplish that? Can't wait to hear! Please share your thoughts below or email me at ellen@yourtransformationcoach.com.



    Ellen Thomas, founder of Your Transformation Coach, is passionately dedicated to helping people live their authentic life NOW. Her philosophy: Why wait? Every moment of your life has significance. Don’t waste another second not experiencing the true meaning in your life! A military spouse with an MBA in International Marketing, she is multi-lingual, an avid runner and loves to travel. She currently lives near Stuttgart, Germany with her husband Michael and canine running coach Bella. Catch a sneak peak of her upcoming webinar Ten Keys for Living Outside of the Box here.

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