Sex Toy Sales Expected to Grow to $52 Billion by 2020

    November 26, 2015

    After the Fifty Shades of Grey movie was released, retailers of sexy toys such as Desire Sex Toys, Adult Shop and Joujou were very happy to see that they got a large boost in sales. This effect was also seen right after the book came out and started gaining popularity. Many stores have cashed in on this popularity. In fact, even some of the mainstream retailers that wouldn't sell actual sex toys have stocked up on items featured in the movie like blindfolds, handcuffs, whips, and masks and are cashing in on this new phenomenon.

    With the books and the movies generating such a huge buzz, it is no surprise that the sex toys industry has received such a spike in sales. The Fifty Shades book series has so far sold 125 million copies, making it one of the most popular books ever. The movie adaptation was a big hit at the box office too, generating a take of $569 million up to now.

    One interesting thing is that Fifty Shades of Grey has turned the sex toy industry into something more mainstream. Previously, adult toys were mostly associated with porn, with some famous adult stars starting their own toy lines. While they were still popular, the majority were sold in sex shops that are usually small businesses. Now that Fifty Shades has become so famous, discussion of sexuality and sexy toys has become somewhat less taboo. Industry experts estimate that the sale of sex toys around the world have topped $15 billion in 2014. It is believed that this figure might grow all the way to $52 billion by 2020. If books and movies that are considered “sexy” keep up their popularity in the mainstream, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if the demand for associated products like adult toys keeps increasing.

    This growth has led manufacturers to develop new lines of products as consumers become more knowledgeable and interested in adult toys. For example, you will find toys that are made from safer and non-toxic materials. New retailers, both brick and mortar stores and especially e-commerce sites carrying a wide range of adult novelties have appeared.

    Even though the sex toy market has now become somewhat legitimized, there are still some hurdles that those operating in the industry will need to overcome. Finding payment processors to accept payments from clients, obtaining financing from banks and getting business insurance is much harder for adult retailers than it is for stores selling other products. Many mainstream businesses lump the adult toys industry together with the porn business, despite the fact that many of these retailers don't sell pornography. They then use this as an excuse not to do business with sex toy sellers and manufacturers, as they want to avoid the potential controversies that could arise from doing business with them. Owners of businesses involved in the sex toys industry are thus often forced to spend more time shopping around for service providers that they can use and often end up paying higher fees for the same services when compared to companies operating in many other industries.

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