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    Business lesson gold mined from kid's books-A little about me and why I'll write this new blog!

    May 21, 2009

    I live by the motto: If you are not living on the edge of the world, you are taking up too much room—

    So here’s some stuff I know: the best restaurant in Lima, Peru (Astrid y Gaston), where to see the most beautiful butterscotch sunrise (Top of Mt. Fuji), where to find the purest black pearls (Rangiroa-Tuamotu Islands), and how to do the Argentine Tango (on ice). How do I know this? I’m like a cat; I’ve lived nine lives already—but I’m just getting started.

    In between crossing oceans  on small boats, flying to Panama to dance salsa all night, and enjoying pig roasts in Kauai, I managed to hit the books a couple of times. I have a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing for Children from Vermont College, and a Masters in Teaching Secondary English from the University of New Hampshire with a brief stint at Cambridge University (Caius College), England.

    Now, at 45, however, I have a mini-me (my four year old) beside me. So—

    I read children’s books in the morning, at the library, before nap time, and at bedtime. As a Mompreneur  (I own Simply Chickie,;  and, I’m  a partner at—a K-Adult tutoring agency), I’ve discovered that smart business  and life lessons are between those  brief pages of gold in children’s books.  In our multi-tasking—attention deficit—information overload society, a simple kid’s book provides a focused lesson in less than 500 words—with pictures! 

    So, this new blog category that I will contribute to will be business lessons via classic or soon to be classic children’s books. This blog is my attempt to help simplify your focus and to take charge of your life. Happy reading!

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