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    Rule your world with a single purple crayon! -- Business solutions from the children's book -- Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson.

    June 7, 2009

    Even if your idea of coloring is changing your plum passion toenail polish to beachin' peach, you too can "crayola " your way to business success.

    If little Harold from Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson can reach his destination with a single purple crayon, you can too.

    So, grab that broken lavender wax stick stuck underneath your printer--yeah, I know it's there. Take it out, and pull a piece of paper from the printer while you're at it.

    One evening little Harold decides "to go for a walk in the moonlight." However, "there wasn't any moon, and Harold needed a moon for a walk in the moonlight." So, he draws what he needs--a half bold moon outlined in thick purple crayon.

    What do you need to get through your day today? Go ahead--draw it--a call from a big client? Don't forget to include the glasses and the stoplight red lipstick--and the half-full cup of coffee next to her computer.

    Harold decides to draw a shortcut to his destination--a cut through a forest. But, "he didn't want to get lost in the woods. So, he made a very small forest, with just one tree in it." He draws seven pieces of thick purple grass next to the tree trunk.

    You don't want to lose your way today, so what kind of forest are you going to find a pathway through? Is it the lunch you have to create for your child with only one piece of stale bread and jam--no peanut butter?  Is it New York City with cabs in the crosswalk? Is it the line you must encounter at LAX security? Whatever the deep, dark forest manifests--draw it easier--with some fresh crackers and a forgotten jar of jelly--a polite driver who stops--a smiling stewardess who cracks jokes? Draw a secret trap door, just in case.

    Harold encounters a frightening dragon.  "He backed away. His hand holding the purple crayon shook. Suddenly he realized what was happening. But by then Harold was over his head in an ocean."

    What happens to you when you encounter a terrible dragon? Do you hide? Do you scream? Do you head for the Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia?

    Well, pull out your purple crayon like Harold does. "He came up thinking fast. And in no time he was climbing aboard a trim little boat."  And guess what? "The moon sailed along with him."

    Draw your way out of your problem. Really, draw your problem; and, then, draw a solution! What do you want to happen? Create!

    After his long day of drawing, "he was tired and he felt he ought to be getting to bed." He couldn't find his house or his window. "He tried to think of where his window ought to be...he made a big building full of windows...he made a whole city full of windows, but none of the windows was his window." He even asks a police officer who is no help. After some thinking, and keeping his purple crayon on the horizon, he suddenly remembers.

    Do you ever feel lost, not able to find an answer to a business problem?

    "Harold remembered where his bedroom window was, when there was a moon. It was always right around the moon. And then Harold made his bed. He got in it, and he drew up the covers. The purple crayon dropped on the floor. And Harold dropped off to sleep."

    You can envision your dreams --your answers--your individual solutions by creating your own answers.

    You possess an amazing amount of power when you are holding your own purple crayon!



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