Hooria Hassan

Burgoning Technologies - Managing Director
Princeton, NJ

    Beginners Guide to Reseller Web Hosting

    December 17, 2014

    When companies take advantage of the resources of a parent web hosting company and sell them to other users as their own resources is defined as reseller web hosting. Most online web hosting companies offer these reseller packages these days. Depending on the needs of the website, the owner may deem it a good idea to host the site with the use of resellers. Some hosts undertake negotiations with their resellers and make contracts to ensure that charging is done for every client. In simple terms, when an additional client is signed up by the reseller, he will have to pay a small rate as compensation to the parent host.

    In reseller hosting, the parent hosting company offers numerous optional features. However, the packages offered by each company may vary. Nevertheless, some consistent features that can be found in most reseller hosting packages include:

    • The ability of creating accounts, plans and customizing settings as per your preference.
    • The ability of keeping the name of the parent hosting company hidden and using your own brand in its place for showcasing to clients.
    • Options of domain hosting as well as those of bandwidth and disc space allocation.
    • Parent company also offers features such as extra scripts, emails, monitoring tools and control panel.

    There are enormous benefits that can be associated with reseller hosting services. A company or an individual will get the power to provide web hosting services to thousands of customers at a reasonable rate. They can create individual accounts and allow clients to log into the one assigned to them. Reseller accounts can be used by anyone from website designers, graphic designers and online marketing consultants to database programmers.

    If websites are using reseller hosting plans for hosting their website, they shouldn’t have any cause of worry. Most reseller web hosts are trustworthy and reliable. Nonetheless, before choosing a particular reseller host, people should check if they offer the necessary customer support and technical expertise, which is required. Don’t forget to go through the reviews and read the fine print to know what you are getting into. In most cases, the reseller will be able to offer the benefits of a dedicated hosting plan at a very affordable price.

    There are lots of people who can become resellers and they don’t even have to get their own servers. Large web hosting companies will sell disc space that people can sell to other end users. However, they should shop around in order to get the lowest prices so they can earn more. There are numerous companies that give resellers wholesale space. There may be ‘whole’ packages, which aren’t already split into small packages. Individuals will have to decide how they wish to divide the package in order to offer it to other users.

    It is possible to make a website specially for selling the packages. If you want people to see you as a reliable reseller of hosting packages, you have to have a professional website as this can impress potential customers. 

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